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Big fish, lots of fish, no fish

September 25, 2008 • Curt Niedermier • Angler Columns

Want to catch a pile of big walleyes?Go to Lake Erie. Want to catch a pile of big bass?Go to Falcon Lake. Filling a camera with big-fish photos is the goal of most bass and walleye anglers. (And if you wanta list of the best places to do so each month, you’ll get one in theJanuary/February issue of FLWOutdoors Magazine) But for others, the goal may be to catch only one fish, albeit a giant. And some people don’t care how big the fish are, as long as they catch a bunch. It’s the big fish, lots of fish two-party system.

I’m not sure which group Ifall into. Sometimes Ifeel like a big-fish hunter in search of a 6-pounder. But that is usually just an excuse on the days I don’t catch much, ie “I could have caught lots of little fish, Ijust didn’t want to.”It’s a good excuse.

Other days, sign me up for 10-inch bassfest. If the little guys willbite, I’ll gladly catch them.

What I love about fishing is how personal it can be, and how anglers can customize the sport to their personalities. Iknow an Arkansas angler whose only goal is to boat monster bass. And he’s good at it, too. But I know others who love to jump in creeks and score on smallmouths that, while they may not be giants, are great fun on ultralight gear, especially when they catch 30, 40, 50 or more a day. Some people only fish when there’s a topwater bite. Others fish only shallow. Some people love trolling. Tournament anglers are different altogether. They don’t necessarily need to catch a giant, as long as they can catch more than everyone else. I guess it’s not a big fish, lots of fish thing afterall.

My point is, however you want to fish, and whatever species you chase, fishing is for you to enjoy whatever way you want to enjoy it. Pretty cool.

From now on, ondays when I get skunked, I’m going tolabel myself a no-fish angler — “I don’t need to catch no fish, I’m happy just making it to the lake.”