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Dear Amistad

September 29, 2008 • Curt Niedermier • Angler Columns

Dear Amistad:

I’m leaving tomorrow on a long plane ride, and after a short stop in Memphis and a long drive from San Antonio, I’ll be there to hop in a boat and catch a few of your bass. I can’t wait to see you.



I’ve got two days planned on the water at Amistad with Tim Reneau and Keith Combs. Tim fishes the Stren Series Texas Division, and Keith fishes the Walmart FLWTour, Walmart FLW Series BPEastern Division, and Stren Series Texas Division. Apparently the water is crazy-high at Amistad right now, so the fishing will change a bit from expected. But there are still loads of big bass there to be caught.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip since Ifished on Amistad at the Series East-West Fish-Off. Iwas sick during that trip, and it was a bit rough. I’m feeling fine now, so barring any bad reaction to airplane food, I should be ready to rock when I arrive.

It’s nearly October, and as far as this year goes, I feel like I’m at the top of a roller coaster, ready for the most exciting part of the ride.Leaves are turning brown and starting to fall. Weather reports indicate a cooling trend this week in Kentucky, and it will hopefully be comfortable when Ireturn, which means Ican shut off that expensive air conditioner and head to the woods or water without shedding pounds in water weight.

Each winter, I look forward to spring and decide spring is my favorite season. Each summer, I look forward to fall and decide fall is my favorite season. I guess Ilike thetransitional seasons, but since it’s summer looking toward fall, today I say fall is my favorite season. I’ll change my tune when winter is still hanging around, but for now, bring on fall. I’m ready.