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I’m Loving the … Yellow Magic Popper

September 24, 2009 • Sean Ostruszka • Angler Columns

Having recently cleaned off the lure shelf in my office, I thought it might be about time I start a new series of blogs — one that hopefully will keep my office a little cleaner. So I give you the “I’m Loving the …” series. Basically, if there’s a lure, reel, rod, etc that is really helping me leave the lake with my hands smelling fishy, I’m calling it out here.




Which brings me to my first contestant: the Yellow Magic Popper. After the 2009 Forrest Wood Cup, I was tracking down lures the top finishers used so we could showcase them in the magazine. One of those anglers was Folgers pro Scott Suggs of Bryant,Ark. And one of those lures he was using was the Yellow Magic Popper.

Having heard some good rumblings about this little topwater, I asked him what made it so special. His response was simple: the “BLOOP!” He wasn’t lying. That little lure creates the deepest and loudest “bloop” I’ve heard. I’ve watched how bass react to it, and they don’t know what to do. It freaks them out for a second before they crush it. Suggs also told me his trick of increasing the size of the belly hook to make it even louder. It’s incredible. You can hear the noise from the very start of the cast, and better yet, it doesn’t take much of a rod twitch to make the lure mouth off. The noisy action does hurt the lure’s walking ability, even when using a loop knot, but it still walks a little. However, around cover it’s lights out. The lure comes with a long, feathered trailer hook that, when combined with one or two pops next to a piece of cover, bass love. I’ve had bass hit the lure so violently they shot themselves completely out of the water. And that’s just fun!

Slam the hooks!