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Offseason with the Blaylocks

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Kei and Stetson eye a camel, something the elder Blaylock would not have time for during the FLW Tour season. Photo by Lindsey Blaylock.
December 2, 2014 • Lindsey Blaylock • Angler Columns

Editor’s Note: The writer's opinions and observations expressed here are her own, and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views, policies or positions of FLW.

Since the last time I wrote a blog we have wrapped up the 2014 season and have been enjoying some much needed downtime at home. Although the “offseason” would seem like it is the most relaxing time of the year, it is exactly the opposite of that. Although we are not traveling as much, we are actually handling the business side of this industry, including travel planning for the next season, filming videos, working on contracts for the coming season, etc.

A lot goes into planning for an entire season of travel. I spend hours on the computer checking for houses and hotels to stay in, which includes mapping the locations, checking for adequate parking and figuring out how close each is to gas stations. The business side is most definitely not nearly as fun as traveling, but it’s so very important to making sure a year is as stress-free as possible.


Outside of planning and doing business we have enjoyed getting back to everyday life. It’s nice to get back to a regular routine around your house for a little bit. Stetson, like others, has a regular job to do for the offseason to help keep him busy, which we are so thankful for. He also hunts and fishes regularly. He started duck hunting for the first time this year and has loved it.

I stay busy going to an awesome weekly bible study with some of my friends as well as taking Kei to swim lessons. This was our first time getting Kei formal lessons, and they have been so fun. Since we are around water so much we thought it was very important to start him out young getting the lessons he needs. Since being home we also enjoyed celebrating Kei’s second birthday, which was a blast. It’s crazy to think he is already 2 and about to start traveling for a third season. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

Now that the offseason is drawing to a close for us we are just trying to enjoy time with family and friends as much as possible. Without them we wouldn’t be able to continue in this industry, and their prayers and support through the years make all the difference. We also take an annual trip to Branson with our parents, which is in a couple of weeks. We both have large families, so the holidays are always a great time of fellowship. It’s nice to take a small break sometimes to catch your breath from so much travel, but I think Stetson and I are both ready to get back on the road in 2015 to see it play out.