A cucumber basil cocktail and steak tacos from E.R. Bradleys pub sound about perfect right now. Photo courtesy of Maggie Deville

After the Lake Eufaula Bass Pro Tour event, we continued on to Florida rather than going back home to Louisiana. With a few days to spare in between, we stopped to fish on Kenansville Lake and the Stick Marsh, and shared two restaurants we enjoyed while there on the @eat_drink_fish Instagram.

Here, we’ll focus on what to eat while fishing on one of the most famous bass fishing lakes in the country: Lake Okeechobee.

Breakfast Recommendation: Pogey’s

If you’re looking for a true “fisherman’s breakfast” near Lake Okeechobee, Pogey’s Family Restaurant is the place to go.

The television stayed on fishing shows all day, and pictures and artwork of the owner’s tournament boat decorated the walls.

I ordered the Ultimate Benedict stuffed with hashbrowns, but was confused when the waitress brought out a dish that looked more like biscuits and gravy. She assured me the benedict was hiding underneath and to give it a chance. Then she stood there and waited to see my face after my first bite.

She’s definitely been through this before! I agreed, this dish was amazing and the warning on the menu that it may be addictive was very appropriate!

Dinner Recommendation: Tiki Bar

Although the tournament was taking place out of the city of Okeechobee, we were only able to find housing to accommodate our group in the Clewiston area. That made driving back towards the ramp for dinner at places like the famed Lightsey’s difficult and limited our dinner options to the Tiki Bar at Roland Martin’s Marina.

Burgers were the way to go, and if you get a good bartender, the margarita on the rocks may be worth trying.

Daytrip Recommendation: E.R. Bradley’s

Sometimes when off days get busy, Maggie will venture out on her own during a tournament day. This week she drove a little over an hour east to West Palm Beach while I fished and stopped for lunch at E.R. Bradley’s Saloon. She ordered the steak tacos and cucumber basil cocktail. She said it was a bit overpriced (as I expect most places in West Palm Beach are), but the atmosphere with the beach view and live acoustic music playing made it worth the stop.

We had a couple of weeks off before heading to Texas for Stage Three Lake Fork, so we spent some time at home. As you’ll see on the @Eat_Drink_Fish page, we made a stop for some of our favorite food at one of our favorite places: New Orleans!

Keep watching the page, we’ll show you some of the Cajun cooking we love to do, and file our report from Lake Fork next week!