We like to catch fish on the Bass Pro Tour, but we also like to eat good food. Follow along as we Eat_Drink_Fish our way across the country! Photos courtesy Gerald Spohrer

You probably already know how much I love to catch bass. But what you may NOT know is that I also love great food, and sharing it with great company.

One of the coolest things about us traveling across the country to compete is the food and drink that my girlfriend, Maggie, and I seek out in every city, town and village we can in between events and fishing days. Regardless of the size and scene in a city, if there’s good food to be found, we find it!

And because we also love to share what we find, we’ve created Eat.Drink.Fish, a “fishing foodie” blog where we review the eats and drinks along the Bass Pro Tour trail. Think of it as Tripadvisor for fishermen.

Here’s a look at a few of the places we found during Stage One in Eufaula, Alabama.

Breakfast Recommendation: Blue Moon Coffee Shop

The first priority of a Major League Fishing “off day” is usually finding a good spot for coffee and breakfast to get the day going. We enjoyed the clean, café style of Blue Moon Coffee Shop in the middle of town for a hearty meal in Eufaula.

The homemade cinnamon rolls looked amazing and were the centerpiece of the shop, but we decided to pass for lighter options. The fresh veggie eggs will be a dish to make again at home with their mix of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, and ham for a nice low-carb meal. The coffee shop serves what looks to be a great lunch as well, although we didn’t have a chance to make it back around to try it this week.

Blue Moon Coffee Shop in Eufaula, Alabama delivered the goods for breakfast! Photos courtesy Gerald Spohrer

Dinner Recommendation: River City Grill

River City Grill is definitely a highlight in Eufaula, Alabama. I ate here during pre-practice and loved it, so we decided to come back here as a group during the tournament.

This time Maggie and I shared a bottle of white wine with the fried shrimp alfredo pasta and champagne chicken pasta with mushrooms and prosciutto. Our Bass Pro Tour roommates Roy Hawk, Josh Bertrand, and James Elam couldn’t pass up a good ribeye served with sides of asparagus, baked potatoes, and salads.

River City Grill hosted quite a few Major League Fishing meet-up events throughout the week, so we were happy to get to spend some time here enjoying this restaurant.

River City Grill in Eufaula, Alabama is a great choice for dinner! Photos courtesy Gerald Spohrer

Recommended Day Trip

Now that we have off days during competition week, we can take some time to enjoy the area around a lake together when I’m not fishing.

A 45-minute drive southeast from Eufaula brought us to White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia. We only had time for lunch and a look around the general store, but there’s a lot more offered at the farm, including farm tours, cabin lodging, three meals a day in the restaurant, and in-depth workshops.

W.O.P is a zero-waste farm recognized nationally for their regenerative agriculture. We enjoyed reading all about their daily practices on their website while eating lunch at the Farmer’s Table.

If you have a little spare time, a half-day trip to White Oak Farms outside Eufaula is an excellent option. Photos courtesy Gerald Spohrer

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