Lefebre's Music Career Begins Anew with '814 Worship' - Major League Fishing
Lefebre’s Music Career Begins Anew with ‘814 Worship’
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Lefebre’s Music Career Begins Anew with ‘814 Worship’

Image for Lefebre’s Music Career Begins Anew with ‘814 Worship’
MLF pro Dave Lefebre helped found the band 814 Worship this fall. Photo by 814 Worship
December 8, 2020 • Mason Prince • Angler News

The anglers on the Bass Pro Tour are obviously excellent fishermen, but that doesn’t mean it’s their only talent. Take Dave Lefebre for example.

The Pennsylvania pro has seven wins and has earned more than $2 million over the course of his impressive career. However, before he thought about putting a rod in his hand to earn his pay, he made his living with a pair of drum sticks.

“Music has been a big part of my life since I was born,” Lefebre says. “I started playing drums in my local church when I was nine years old and started playing in bands when I became a teenager. When I finished high school, I started playing music for my full-time job and was touring the eastern part of the country.”

Lefebre continued touring for five years, playing mostly rock and country with a band called ‘Steel Justice.’ From New England to Mississippi, Lefebre spent his winter months touring and playing bass. However, when fishing season came around, Lefebre turned his focus to catching bass.

The 13 Fishing pro always kept professional bass fishing in the back of his mind. The opportunity to make a living fishing seemed more appealing to Lefebre. A devout Christian, the “rock and roll lifestyle” never really attracted him. Even though he had more than enough talent to continue his music career and a shot at joining a big-time band, he decided to turn his attention to fishing.

“I had the opportunity to try out for the band Lonestar, but literally two weeks before the tryout, I qualified for both the FLW and B.A.S.S. tour through my performance in those respective opens back in 2003,” Lefebre says. “I guess you can say that was really the ‘fork in the road’ in my life. I decided that fishing was what I wanted to do and I don’t regret doing it.”

Fast forward more than 15 years later and Lefebre’s fishing career is definitely cemented in his mind as “the right choice.” Still, he never lost his passion for playing music, especially Christian music. While he enjoyed playing the rock and country genres while on tour in his youth, Lefebre has always felt like he wanted his music to mean something more and spread positivity.

“I still played recreationally just to maintain calluses and I played in my local church when I wasn’t on the road fishing,” Lefebre said. “Playing in the church really reignited my passion for music. To get back to not only playing but playing with a purpose was such a great feeling. It gave me the idea to start up a new project called ‘814 Worship.’”

Lefebre playing bass in the band’s latest music video. Photo by 814 Worship

814 Worship is a band that Lefebre helped start with some old friends and other musicians around the Erie, Pennsylvania area. A couple of the friends Lefebre hasn’t seen in 20 years, but he remembered how talented they were and knew what they could bring to the new band.

“All of these people are the best of the best,” Lefebre said. “I play bass, my brother plays drums, and the rest are people that I knew from the past and people that go to my church here at home. We just posted our first music video and I’m really happy with all the support we’ve received.”

You can find Lefebre and 814 Worship on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube where they plan on consistently posting Christian and worship music.