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Brett Carlson guest blog: Cool mil still up for grabs

July 16, 2008 • MLF • Archives

The upcoming Forrest Wood Cup is the last tournament of the year for Fantasy Fishing players. But the event, which features 77 pros, is quite a bit different than a regular-season FLW Tour tournament.

For starters, 30 of the qualifiers came from the FLW Series. That means several guys who have never fished the FLW Tour before are registered for this event. Don’t overlook these guys – many live in the far west and a few fish the BASS Elite Series. Personally, I’ve selected three anglers who don’t fish the FLW Tour full time – Western stick Jimmy Reese and BASS stalwarts Steve Kennedy and Derek Remitz.

With only 77 anglers competing, your odds at picking anglers who make the top 10 are greatly improved. Furthermore, the fantasy points at the Forrest Wood Cup are being tripled. In my opinion, there will be major movement in the overall fantasy leaderboard. That means just about anyone has a legitimate crack at the first-place prize of $1 million.

Don’t believe me? Let’s do the math. For the FWC, you will receive 1,500 points for each person you put in the top 10. If you pick the winner correctly, you will receive 6,000 points. If you pick second through 10th correctly, you get 2,250 points. For example, let’s just say our overall leader, James Brown of Lodi, Calif., only gets one angler in the top 10 with no exactas. He would receive 1,500 points. Now, let’s say somebody knocks it out of the park and picks the winner, two exactas and gets three in the top 10. That equals 15,000 points and that really isn’t farfetched. That also means anybody within 13,500 points of the leader would have a chance.

Obviously, this is purely hypothetical, but you get my drift. With only 77 anglers, there will be more exactas and thus more scoring. To be sure, the FWC will have plenty of drama – both on the water and in the fantasy realm.