1 BAIT/5 REASONS: Keith Poche Prefers The General's Versatility - Major League Fishing
1 BAIT/5 REASONS: Keith Poche Prefers The General’s Versatility
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1 BAIT/5 REASONS: Keith Poche Prefers The General’s Versatility

August 31, 2022 • Bass Pro Tour

When it comes to baits, Berkley pro Keith Poche doesn’t settle for just any general bait, he goes for The General. This versatile Berkley bait can be used all year, has a strong smell, works well on a shaky head, is able to be rigged wacky style, and it comes in many different colors. In this edition of 1 Bait/5 Reasons, Poche explains why The General’s versatility has made it one of his favorite baits all year long.