1 BAIT/5 REASONS: Why a finesse worm is one of Drew Gill's go-to baits 90% of the year - Major League Fishing

1 BAIT/5 REASONS: Why a finesse worm is one of Drew Gill’s go-to baits 90% of the year

May 30, 2024 • Bass Pro Tour

Mercury pro Drew Gill has stacked up an impressive season in both the Bass Pro Tour and Tackle Warehouse Invitationals in 2024, winning an Invitational on Sam Rayburn and grabbing three Top 10s in four events in his rookie year on the Bass Pro Tour. One bait that has been on Gill’s front deck all day, every day is a finesse worm, which he’s deployed with astounding success throughout his young (but successful) career.

In this 1 Bait/5 Reasons video, Gill offers five compelling reasons why a finesse worm like his Big Bite Baits Shaking Squirrel should be on your front deck at all times, too. The reasons:

  1. The number of ways you can rig a finesse worm (almost endless)
  2. It has an unbelievable bite percentage (fish bite a finesse worm willingly)
  3. The landing ratio is off the charts (single hook + spinning rod = lots of fish landed)
  4. The finesse worm is functional 90% of the year (it’s a year-around bait)
  5. The finesse worm is a moneymaker if you’re a tournament angler (Gill will attest)