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Connell Claims Toyota Bonus Bucks Cash at Heavy Hitters

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Dustin Connell's performance in Heavy Hitters scored him a cool $3,000 in Toyota Bonus Bucks. Photo by Luke Stoner
June 23, 2020 • Luke Stoner • Bass Pro Tour

Dustin Connell left the Big Toho Marina boat ramp with a little pep in his step after realizing he’d won another $3,000 from Toyota Bonus Bucks for his seventh-place finish at Toyota Heavy Hitters Presented by Venmo on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes in Florida.

Connell tapped into a unique pattern with a soft plastic jerkbait. The Favorite Rods pro let his weightless soft jerkbait “wash” in the current to keep his presentation as natural as possible due to the fishing pressure in his area.

Connell tricked enough scorable bass to advance through his Qualifying and Knockout Rounds. This technique has helped the former University of Alabama college fishing standout win a lot of money on the Coosa River over the years.

Scoring with Bonus Bucks & a Great Tow Rig

Hauling his boat with a Toyota tow vehicle is another thing that’s won Connell a pile of money since purchasing a Tundra in January of 2017.

“Man, I love my Tundra and I love Bonus Bucks,” Connell said with a big smile. “Pretty much my entire family drives Toyota vehicles and I couldn’t be happier that I followed suit.

“Toyota makes a super dependable truck that I can rely on every day. I’ve put 138,000 miles on my truck, with a boat in tow for probably 100,000 of those, and I’ve never had a single problem. Tows like a dream and puts money in my pocket to boot!”

Connell estimates he’s accumulated an incredible $10,000 in winnings from the Bonus Bucks program in a little over three years as a professional angler. Fortunately for you, the rewards of Bonus Bucks are available to more than just pros like Connell: there are hundreds of sanctioned tournaments for anglers of all levels.

And you don’t have to win a tournament to take the Bonus Bucks prize; you just have to be the highest placing program participant.

For more information on the program and a complete list of eligible events follow this link. Register for FREE through the website, or you can dial (918) 742-6424, ask for Kendell or Chip, and they’ll be happy to help out. 

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