OKEECHOBEE, Fla. – During the competition days of the Bass Pro Tour Stage One on Lake Eufaula, a quick survey of several anglers about the qualification standard for Heavy Hitters Presented by Venmo in May revealed a majority opinion: that it’ll take a 5- to 5 1/2-pound average to qualify for this special big-fish event on the Kissimmee Chain in Florida.

Most of the anglers surveyed expected to have to catch 25 to 27 pounds for the combined weight of their biggest fish from each of the first five Stages of the Bass Pro Tour to claim one of the 30 qualifying spots for Heavy Hitters. So far, the anglers are pretty spot-on.

Brent Chapman leads the current Heavy Hitters standings after one event with his 8-pound, 15-ounce hawg at Lake Eufaula. Currently holding onto the final (No. 30) spot: Brett Hite and Jacob Powroznik, with a 5-6 as their biggest fish in Stage One.

Here are the complete Heavy Hitters standings after Stage One:

Place Angler Weight
1Brent Chapman 8lbs 15oz
2 Jordan Lee 8lbs 0oz
3Brandon Coulter 7lbs 14oz
4Ish Monroe 7lbs 2oz
5Ott DeFoe 6lbs 15oz
6Mike Iaconelli 6lbs 13oz
7Justin Atkins 6lbs 13oz
8Britt Myers 6lbs 13oz
9Dustin Connell 6lbs 12oz
10 Josh Bertrand 6lbs 10oz
11 Edwin Evers 6lbs 10oz
12 Mike McClelland 6lbs 10oz
13 Anthony Gagliardi 6lbs 4oz
14 Luke Clausen 6lbs 4oz
15 Adrian Avena 6lbs 3oz
16 Bryan Thrift 6lbs 3oz
17 Brent Ehrler 6lbs 2oz
18 Justin Lucas 6lbs 1oz
19 David Dudley 5lbs 14oz
20 Wesley Strader 5lbs 14oz
21 Andy Morgan 5lbs 13oz
22 Greg Hackney 5lbs 11oz
23 Chris Lane 5lbs 11oz
24 Andy Montgomery 5lbs 10oz
25 Kevin VanDam 5lbs 10oz
26 Randall Tharp 5lbs 8oz
27 Todd Faircloth 5lbs 8oz
28 Takahiro Omori 5lbs 7oz
29 Jacob Powroznik 5lbs 6oz
30 Brett Hite 5lbs 6oz
31 James Watson 5lbs 5oz
32 Dean Rojas 5lbs 4oz
33 Alton Jones, Jr 5lbs 4oz
34 Zack Birge 5lbs 2oz
35 Fletcher Shryock 5lbs 1oz
36 Bobby Lane 5lbs 1oz
37 Greg Vinson 5lbs 1oz
38 Mark Rose 4lbs 15oz
39 Fred Roumbanis 4lbs 13oz
40 Stephen Browning 4lbs 13oz
41 Mark Davis 4lbs 12oz
42 Michael Neal 4lbs 11oz
43 Jeff Sprague 4lbs 10oz
44 Jacob Wheeler 4lbs 10oz
45 Dave Lefebre 4lbs 9oz
46 Gerald Spohrer 4lbs 9oz
47 Jesse Wiggins 4lbs 6oz
48 Bradley Roy 4lbs 3oz
49 Jason Lambert 4lbs 1oz
50 David Walker 4lbs 0oz
51 Scott Suggs 3lbs 15oz
52 Cliff Crochet 3lbs 14oz
53 Cliff Pace 3lbs 14oz
54 Alton Jones 3lbs 13oz
55 Jonathon VanDam 3lbs 13oz
56 Russ Lane 3lbs 13oz
57 Aaron Martens 3lbs 13oz
58 Kelly Jordon 3lbs 12oz
59 Terry Scroggins 3lbs 12oz
60 Randy Howell 3lbs 11oz
61 Mark Daniels, Jr. 3lbs 11oz
62 Cody Meyer 3lbs 10oz
63 Jared Lintner 3lbs 10oz
64 Casey Ashley 3lbs 9oz
65 Boyd Duckett 3lbs 5oz
66 Paul Elias 3lbs 5oz
67 Shaw Grigsby 3lbs 2oz
68 Skeet Reese 3lbs 2oz
69 James Elam 2lbs 15oz
70 John Murray 2lbs 12oz
71 Jeff Kriet 2lbs 10oz
72 Tim Horton  2lbs 9oz
73 Shin Fukae 2lbs 9oz
74 Gary Klein 2lbs 9oz
75 Keith Poche 2lbs 6oz
76 Tommy Biffle 2lbs 4oz
77 Marty Robinson 2lbs 1oz
78 Matt Lee 2lbs 0oz
79 Roy Hawk 2lbs 0oz
80 Jason Christie 0lbs 0oz