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Knee Infection Sidelines Terry Scroggins

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Team Toyota pro Terry Scroggins had to undergo emergency surgery after a knee infection, leaving him sidelined for Stage Three. Photo by Phoenix Moore
May 25, 2021 • Luke Stoner • Bass Pro Tour

Bass Pro Tour pro Terry Scroggins was forced to miss Stage Three this week on the Harris Chan due to an infection in his left knee that became serious extremely quickly. Instead of competing as he planned to on Friday morning, Scroggins had emergency surgery on his knee to treat the infection. 

“I came down with a slight fever last Sunday and didn’t think much of it. Then I started to feel pain in the knee they replaced last year,” Scroggins said. “I fished the first day of practice as best as I could, but I was hurting pretty bad. I woke up Thursday and couldn’t walk. So I headed down to the Mayo Clinic and found out I had a bad infection and needed to get it taken care of as soon as possible.”

Scroggins’ surgery was scheduled for Friday morning to clean the infection, replace any corrupted “plastic parts” and outfit “Big Show” with a PICC Line in his right arm to give prescribed antibiotics a straight shot into the 18-year tournament veteran.

Thankfully, Scroggins was released to go home this past Sunday night and is already on the mend. Those who know “Big Show” can attest that he isn’t the best at sitting idle, but he’ll have to force himself to relax and heal for the next few weeks.

Scroggins rests up at home after his surgery, saying he already feels better. Photo Courtesy of Terry Scroggins

“I already feel a lot better than I did going into practice at the Harris Chain,” Scroggins said. “There’s still some pain, but the pain of having to miss an event right up the road from my house is about as bad if I’m being honest. The Harris Chain is one of the best fisheries in Florida right now and I was really looking forward to it.”

Scroggins had his left knee fully replaced around seven months ago during the offseason in hopes he’d be ready to fish the full 2021 Bass Pro Tour schedule. Both of Scroggins’ knees were the source of constant aches and pains for the Team Toyota pro.

After having the procedure in November, going through the arduous physical therapy and rehab process, and getting cleared by his doctor, “Big Show” thought his days of worrying about that particular knee were over.

Unfortunately. his right knee is still the cause of considerable pain and he hoped to get that replaced before the 2022 season. This latest infection/procedure could delay his next knee surgery, and will certainly keep Scroggins sidelined through Stage Four of the Bass Pro Tour on Lake Chickamauga.

Hopefully, Scroggins will be fully healed and able to compete in the northern swing of the Bass Pro Tour beginning in late June.

“I’d love to be fishing but I’m fully focused on healing up for now,” Scroggins offered. “I really appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes from everyone. I heard them, I felt them, and I thank y’all.”