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Lintner, Lopez Lake and a 19-Year Boat-Break-In Tradition

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Jared Lintner stands behind his new Vexus VX20 that he plans on using during the 2021 Bass Pro Tour season. Photo by Keri Lintner
November 23, 2020 • Mason Prince • Bass Pro Tour

There’s a lot of work that goes into getting ready for a new fishing season. One of the biggest tasks this time of year is getting a straight-from-the-factory/dealer boat ready and rigged for countless hours of fishing.

MLF pro Jared Lintner just received his new Vexus VX20 and is deep into the process of making it tournament-ready.

“It’s always exciting getting a brand-new boat that hasn’t even touched the water yet,” Lintner admitted. “I have some work to do on it before I get it out there, though.”

Worrying About Wiring

One of the more intimidating challenges of a brand-new boat is getting all of the essential electronics installed. Lintner admits that finding the right dealer who’s willing to put in some extra work can make his life a whole lot easier.

“Luckily, I had a really good dealer so the jack plate and motor were already installed on the boat for me when I got it,” Lintner explained. “The biggest challenge I really have is getting all the wiring straightened out, which I honestly enjoy. This is my office, so it’s a good idea for me to know where everything goes in the boat. That way, if there’s ever an issue with my trolling motor, I will know what wires and stuff I need to look at to fix it.”

Lintner’s Long-Standing Tradition

After the wiring is installed and his electronics are good to go, then and only then is Lintner ready to take his new “office” for a spin. But it’s not straight to fishing for Lintner. Like everyone else with a new boat and motor, there are multiple break-in hours ahead, and the California pro has a little bit of a superstitious tradition about his new boats.

“I get on Lake Lopez,” Lintner said. “I’ve done it with all 19 boats in my career and there’s no point in stopping now. I grew up fishing this lake and it’s really close to my house now. If I were to go out there and have an issue while breaking in a boat, I wouldn’t have a long way to go to make it back to my house. I drive the boat around the lake 38 times and that’s usually good enough for me.”

Once that’s behind him, it’s finally time to use the boat the way he would during a tournament. As he was explaining all the work it takes to get his boat ready, he was already preparing a few rods for whenever it’s time to fishing. The baits?

“I have some jigs and a crankbait,” Lintner simply stated. “I’m pretty sure that will get me bit out there. Hopefully, I have some good luck in the new boat and I can carry it with me into next season.”