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Local Knowledge: What’s Working Now on Lake Eufaula, Alabama

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February 22, 2021 • Tyler Brinks • Bass Pro Tour

EUFAULA, Ala. – The fastest way to gauge what fish are biting on is to take a trip to a local tackle shop. Eufaula, Alabama is a bass-crazy town with many popular fishing brands based here, and several different options for purchasing tackle. The shop at Chewalla Creek Marina is one of the best in town, and the staff there keeps close tabs on what’s working on the famed lake.

Store manager Ursula Collins and employee Dalton Caraway shared some local knowledge of Lake Eufaula in advance of REDCREST 2021 Presented by Old Wisconsin Sausage. Their insight included some springtime staples and some specialty regional baits that have been putting fish in the boat.

How’s the Fishing?

Collins reports that the quality of bass coming out of Eufaula has been stellar lately (even for a big-bass factory like Lake Eufaula), and the bite has been good despite colder-than-normal temperatures. She predicts that the bite will get even better with the week’s warming trend.

Recent muddied waters have played a large role in the types of baits being sold. Photo by Garrick Dixon

Rain has been constant in the days leading up to REDCREST practice.

“It rained for about two weeks straight,” Collins confirmed. “That muddied up the water, and now the shallow-cranking bite has been really good. Some anglers are still catching fish deeper, but crawfish-colored crankbaits have been selling well.”

Caraway showed off some of the hot crankbaits from brands like SPRO and Rapala.

“Most of the crankbaits that are working dive from 4 to 8 feet,” Caraway said as he pointed to a crawfish-colored SPRO RkCrawler and Rapala DT-6 in the Demon color.

Jigs and Plastics

The jig-and-soft-plastic worm bite has also been picking up on Eufaula, and Caraway reports that local favorites Fish Hammer and Big Bite Baits have been popular.

“The ½-ounce black and blue or Alabama Craw Fish Hammer jigs have been doing really good,” he says. “For worms and soft plastics, sales are leaning toward Big Bite. The Green Pumpkin Texas Red Finesse Worm has been a popular item with our customers.”

Chewalla Creek Marina keeps close tabs on what anglers are asking for. Photo by Garrick Dixon

Moving Baits

It’s no secret that the Z-Man Evergreen Jack Hammer ChatterBait has been one of the most popular lures over the past few years, and Chewalla Creek Marina has the empty pegs to prove it.

“All of the colors have been selling well, but a lot of guys come in and are looking for specific ones: The 3/4-ounce version in Spot Remover has been popular for the guys fishing a little deeper water,” Collins said.

Another regional standby is fishing a spinnerbait in deeper water, and the Ledgebuster by local brand Strikezone Lure Co. has been a hot seller.

“White skirt with blue glitter is always a good one,” Collins said. “With the dirtier water, the gold blade version has one that guys are buying. Many anglers like the one-ounce and 1.5-ounce, but some go all the way up to the 2-ounce version.”