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Myers’ Impressive Jump from Year 1 to 2 on the Bass Pro Tour

November 29, 2020 • Bass Pro Tour

It’s hard to find an angler who had a better turn-around season in 2020 than Britt Myers. After finishing 77th in the Angler of the Year standings in 2019, Myers came back in a shortened 2020 season to end up in 26th, earning himself a spot in REDCREST 2021.

“Without a doubt, the SCORETRACKER® was the hardest thing for me to get adjusted to in 2019,” Myers explained. “There’s really nothing like it and you don’t know how much that pressure can affect you until you experience it. You can be fighting for a spot and feeling good, and then the wheels come off the bus.”

Navigating Challenges and Improving During a Crazy 2020 Season

Myers never qualified for a Knockout Round in 2019, but came pretty close a couple of times toward the end of the season. As hard as it was for him not to crack the Top 40 in any event, he could feel the momentum building toward a solid run in 2020.

The South Carolina pro began the new season in February ready to make his name known on the Bass Pro Tour. However, a pandemic and Mother Nature threw him plenty of curveballs.

“There were just so many external factors that could have ruined my season in 2020,” Myers said. “There was the crazy water levels in Eufaula, a cold front like I’ve never seen before on Lake Okeechobee, and then, of course, the pandemic. But with all of that being said, those things made me fish instinctively and really made me a better fisherman this year.”

Make Room for the Cameraman

With the added pressure of SCORETRACKER® subsiding and his confidence growing, Myers gave himself a challenge for the 2020 season. He wanted to start off each tournament as fast as he possibly could. A fast start means jumping up on SCORETRACKER®, which in turn means that the MLF NOW! cameras would find him.

“My goal was, if I didn’t have a cameraman in the boat, I wanted one in my boat by the end of the first period,” Myers revealed. “It started out as a joke, but those cameras only move to boats who are doing the best on any particular day. I challenged myself to get a camera and it worked out at every event besides one.”

Myers ended the season with three Knockout Round appearances and a 12th-place finish in Stage One on Lake Eufaula. While he feels good about his second season on the Bass Pro Tour, Myers remains focused on 2021 and how he can make an even bigger jump up the leaderboard at this time next year.

“In the past before I joined the Bass Pro Tour, I tried to script how my entire tournament was going to go before it even started,” Myers explained. “Last year, I didn’t do that because of how the conditions completely changed how I fished in the tournament versus how I fished in practice. It works out well for me when I just scrap my practice, so that’s probably what I need to do in 2021.”

Better Fishing and Better Brakes

While Myers hopes to make improvements to his fishing this offseason, there’s no doubt he’s already improved the stopping-power on his rig thanks to PowerStop brakes. Myers – who is well-known among the bass world as an expert in after-market improvements to tow rigs – says that PowerStop brakes are one of the best investments he’s made for his truck.

“I have a ton of money and time invested in my safety and the safety of my equipment,” Myers said. “You never know when you’ll be towing your boat and someone just jumps out right in front of you with no warning. With PowerStop brakes, they allow me peace of mind when I’m out on the road, knowing that I’m going to be able to stop quickly and safely whenever I need to.”