2020 MLF Bass Pro Tour pro David Dudley. Photo via David Dudley/YouTube

Virginia pro David Dudley took to his YouTube channel this weekend to join the debate about scoring formats for professional bass competitions.

Speaking from his studio/trophy room, Dudley invited fans of professional bass fishing to comment on why they prefer one competition format over the other, but with one caveat.

“(Don’t comment) if you’re a hater of one way or the other, and the only thing you’re going to (comment) is ‘I don’t like the five-bass limit!'” Dudley asked the audience. “Please, let’s logically discuss this out. I want to learn. I’ve never fished the ‘every fish counts’ format, so I’m unbiased. I have no opinion on it, I’ve never done it.”

The second-leading all-time money winner in the history of professional bass fishing with over $4.1 million in winnings, Dudley covers multiple angles of the debate in the 22-minute video, including the “highlighted society” in sports, recent advancements of live coverage of bass fishing, the dynamics of catching big fish, and the skill necessary to catch multiple fish in all competition formats.