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Featured Bait: Duckett Baits BD Swim 5″ (5-pack)

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June 29, 2021 • MLF • Champions Club

Utilizing a new combination of plastic, the new Duckett Baits BD Swim outperforms any other hollow-body swimbait on the market today. The extra material in the nose of the bait adds durability for keeping your bait in place. The v-belly design keeps your bait running true and doesn’t flip over even with fast retrieves. Available in seven different fish-catching colors in 4-, 5-, and 6-inch sizes.  

“As a professional angler who loves to throw swimbaits, I have designed this bait by mixing the best features from baits I’ve thrown over the years to come up with the best I have ever used.”  – Boyd Duckett

How to Rig

  • Rigging the bait straight and snug to the jig head is critical for making it run “true” and maximizing the “rolling action” that is critical for generating aggressive strikes.
  • Use a heavy-action rod, like a 7-foot-4 Duckett Fishing rod, to ensure a solid hookset and pair with a 8.3:1 Duckett Paradigm reel which allows for the angler to choose to utilize a slow or rapid retrieve.

How to Fish

  • Ideal bait for the shad spawn and fishing around grass
  • Add as a trailer on the back of a vibrating jig
  • The cadence of your retrieve will be dependent on depth — a faster retrieve in shallow water and a slower retrieve in depths beyond 10 feet.

More Tips and Techniques

Featured Pro: Chris Lane

The winner of the 2012 Bassmaster Classic and an eight-time tour-level winner, Chris Lane has claimed over $2.2 million in career winnings.