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Featured Bait: Duel Hardcore Popper

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May 26, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

A small package ready to bring big topwater explosions to the end of your line, the Duel Hardcore Popper  is the next generation in surface busting lures. The only popper on the market with a magnetic weight transfer system, you will achieve longer casts than ever before on such a small presentation. In addition to the revolutionarily long casts, the Duel Hardcore Popper delivers extremely boisterous action. It can be fished in a ‘Pop and Stop’ or ‘Walk the Dog’ style that enrages bass into viciously striking the bubbling and splashing lure.

Building off its incredible performance attributes are extremely detailed aesthetic features to further motivate any suspicious predators. A deep concave mouth with a bold paint job sits at the head of the bait to move a tremendous amount of water when worked and also provide a bright target for bass to key-in on. For added realism, a 3D checkered scale pattern, 3D gill rakers, and 3D eyes are all integrated into the bait and are designed to stand up to serious abuse. The underside of the bait boasts a ribbed construction to help disturb more water and leave a bubble trail for fish to follow. Finished with premium components and a sticky-sharp feathered treble hook at the tail, the Duel Hardcore Popper is a game-changing addition to the explosive topwater world.