Tackle Warehouse Invitationals - Major League Fishing

Tackle Warehouse Invitationals Contingency Programs


Note: In the event of a tie, both anglers will split the bonus. 

Phoenix awards $35,000 to the winning pro in each tournament if he or she meets Phoenix MLF Bonus guidelines. Pros must be the original owner of a 2020 or newer Phoenix boat and meet all Phoenix MLF Bonus clothing, decal and participation requirements. The Phoenix logo must be visible across the front of the jersey (minimum 12” wide by 1.75” tall). All factory-installed Phoenix decals must be on the boat in their original position, or wrapped boats must have the Phoenix logo in the same size (38” long) and in an equally visible location as the original decals. Participation is $19.95 per year. Visit PhoenixBassBoats.com for registration and complete details. 


The Toyota Bonus Bucks program is totally free and is available to pros who tow with a 2020 or newer Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma or 4Runner. For more information and to register for Toyota Bonus Bucks, please visit: toyotatrucksbonusbucks.com


  • Highest placing eligible entrant - $2,000
  • 2nd highest placing eligible entrant - $1,000


Power-Pole awards a $750 Captains Cash Bonus to the winning pro in each Tackle Warehouse Invitational if he or she meets Captains Cash Rewards Club contingency requirements. 


  • Captains Cash Rewards Club is open to all tournament anglers fishing any Captains Cash sanctioned event.
  • Annual membership is $24.95. Membership is valid from October through December of the following year. Purchase a Club Membership
  • Registration must be completed prior to any sanctioned tournament to be eligible for contingency payments.
  • Eligible contingency payment participants are registered Power-Pole owners who are registered members of the Captains Cash Club.
  • Registered Power-Pole owners placing first place overall only in a sanctioned event are eligible for contingency payments.
  • Power-Pole Pro Staff are required to purchase Captains Cash membership in order to qualify for Captains Cash Rewards payments.
  • Only one possible payout per tournament. A maximum of one angler per tournament will be rewarded.
  • Sanctioned tournaments must have a minimum of 20 boats registered to qualify for Captains Cash Rewards payments.
  • Winners must be verified through the sanctioned tournament via website, newsletter or other official organization communication and obtain tournament director’s signature on claim form.
  • Completed Power-Pole Captains Cash claim form must be submitted within 30 days of the tournament win and can be obtained here.
  • JL Marine Systems employees and members of their immediate family are not eligible to participate.
  • Approval of claims and payments is at the sole discretion of JL Marine Systems, Inc.
  • Payment claimants must have their Power-Pole anchor(s) registered with JL Marine Systems, Inc.
  • Power-Pole Captains Cash decals must be displayed on participant's boat or Power-Pole anchor.
  • Power-Pole Captains Cash 4" logo must be displayed on the upper-left shoulder of the participant's shirt. Captains Cash logo must be worn from take-off through weigh-in during all days of sanctioned tournaments. Logo is available in various formats. Download logos
  • JL Marine reserves the right to change, modify, enhance, or terminate the Captains Cash Rewards program at any time. Refer to power-pole.com for current rules. Rules posted at power-pole.com supersede any previously printed rules.
  • It is the participant's responsibility to know the rules of the Captains Cash Rewards program and must submit proof that all requirements have been met upon request.
  • Power-Pole Captains Cash Rewards recipients will be responsible for paying any and all local, state, federal or other taxes on contingency earnings.


The top pro from the point standings after the six Tackle Warehouse Invitationals (ties resolved by total weight) who has never fished a Pro Circuit, FLW Tour (Major) or B.A.S.S. Elite Series tournament as a pro before this season wins the Polaris Rookie of the Year trophy and receives a Polaris Ranger 1000.


The top pro from the point standings after the six Tackle Warehouse Invitationals (ties resolved by total weight) wins the Fishing Clash Angler of the Year title, receives $50,000 and advances to REDCREST 2025. Click here to download the Fishing Clash Angler of the Year logo for your jersey.


General Tire is offering all MLF anglers access to purchase tires through the General Tire discount tire program plus the opportunity to win valuable contingency awards. Participating anglers must register at GeneralTireFishing.com at least eight (8) days prior to the first tournament in which they will be eligible for a General Tire bonus and have a full set of General Tire tires on their vehicle. Anglers who registered in 2023 will automatically be enrolled for 2024. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform MLF of their participation in the General Tire contingency. Once enrolled, you may pick up two (2) General Tire decals that must be displayed on your tow vehicle above the rear tires, one (1) decal on each side of the vehicle, and two (2) General Tire decals that must be displayed on the port and starboard gunnel of your boat. Decals will be available from the tournament director onsite the day prior to your tournament. The highest-finishing pro that meets the General Tire contingency requirements at each tournament will receive a FREE set of General Tire tires and a $300 Visa gift card. There is no limit to the number of times a participating angler can win this contingency. General Tire reserves the right to discontinue the contingency program at any time. Validation of Requirements; Award Information: General Tire will provide a list of participating anglers to MLF prior to each tournament. Participating anglers must have clear photos of the required decals on their vehicle and boat as proof of performance for the tournament director in the event the tournament director cannot verify decal placement in person. Photos must clearly show General Tire tires and decals on the vehicle for gift card eligibility. Anglers must have a full-time permanent residence in the United States to be eligible. Gift cards will be sent digitally within two (2) months following the tournament and have a twelve (12)-month expiration period once sent. Expired gift cards will not be eligible for replacement. 


Epic Baits awards $500.00 and $500 product credit to the winning pro in each Tackle Warehouse Invitational if he or she meets Epic Baits contingency requirements. If the winner is not Epic Baits qualified, the highest-finisher in each tournament that meets the Epic Baits contingency requirements will receive $250.  Requirements: The Epic Rewards program is Just $30.00 per tournament season. Sign up at https://epicbaitsfishing.com to participate and  the Epic Baits logo must be displayed on the angler's tow vehicle and boat.  It is the responsibility of each angler to let MLF staff know they are participating in the Epic Baits Rewards program prior to the start of competition. Angler must receive tournament payout winnings in order to receive Epic Contingency winnings.