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2015 ICAST Preview

First look at new product from 2014 New Product Showcase winners
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2015 ICAST New Product
July 13, 2015 • Dominick Schenewerk • Archives

This week the fishing industry’s top manufacturers, anglers, media members and retailers are gathering together for the annual ICAST trade show where the most exciting new products for anglers will be revealed to the public. FLW will be there to bring you full coverage of the coolest new products, as well as the annual, hotly contested New Product Showcase awards, where media representatives vote on the best new products in various categories. Before the crew explores hundreds of booths in search of all the latest and greatest, it put together a sneak peek at some of the products being released by 2014 New Product Showcase award winners.

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Abu Garcia

2014 Best Freshwater Reel: Abu Garcia REVO Beast

Purposely designed for heavy-duty applications, Abu Garcia’s Best Freshwater Reel winner, the REVO Beast, has since lived up to its name for being able to take the torture of throwing heavy baits on braided line.

This year, Abu Garcia is continuing its tradition of building great spinning reels, which dates back 60 years, with the new-and-improved Revo MGX Spinning Reel. The Revo MGX benefits from advancements such as AMGearing and the Rocket Line Management System.

Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Reals



2014 Best Line: Berkley Ironsilk

Said to be tough as iron and smooth as silk, Berkley’s Ironsilk monofilament was named Best Line for its extreme abrasion resistance and smooth casting ability. It might be a good choice for fishing with Berkley’s new soft plastics, including the new Havoc Change Up. Designed by FLW pro Scott Suggs, the elongated 4-inch body of the Change Up accommodates a 6/0 wide-gap hook, and was developed to be pitched into thick cover.

New Berkley Havoc Change Up


Minn Kota

2014 Best Boating Accessory: Minn Kota Ulterra iPilot Trolling Motor 

Revolutionizing boat control, the Ulterra with iPilot features Auto Stow and Deploy, Power Trim and Spot-Lock functions that can be controlled by the foot pedal or a wireless remote.

New for the back of the boat is Minn Kota’s new EO Series electric outboard motor, which is designed to replace smaller gas outboard motors used for recreational boating. Available in 1/2 or 1 horsepower models, the EO is engineered to run quietly and for up to nine hours at half speed. The motor also features a push-to-test battery meter, which will give boaters an instant reading of the battery life.

New Minn Kota EO Series



2014 Best Fishing Combo: Lew's American Hero Baitcast Combo

The best part of the Lew’s American Hero Baitcast Combo was the pledge that the company made to donate a portion of the profits from the series to help fund select programs that benefit veterans.

At ICAST 2015, Lew’s is back again with a new combo and a new mission to aid tomorrow’s anglers. The MACH 1 Speed Spool baitcast combo aims to provide the rapidly growing market of college and high school anglers with a premium product for less than $150.

With quality and affordability in mind, the MACH 1 combo features a 7.1:1 retrieve-ratio reel with 10 stainless-steel bearings. It’s paired with a 6-foot, 10-inch, medium-heavy rod on an all-purpose IM8 blank.

Lew's MACH 1 baitcast combo


Savage Gear

2014 Best Soft Lure: Savage Gear Crab

Normally people frown upon imitation crab – but not this one. Savage Gear won Best Soft Lure in 2014 by using 3-D scans of an actual crab to create a perfect imitator.  

The company has expanded on the series for 2015 with the 3-D TPE Mayfly Nymph. The bait comes pre-rigged on an internal jighead and is made from an exceptionally durable material.

Savage Gear 3D TPE Mayfly Nymph



2014 Best Hard Lure: SPRO BBZ-1 Rat

Including the segmented tail, SPRO’s BBZ-1 Rat measures 10 inches long, but its lifelike swimming action was what amazed voters in 2014. This week the company is unveiling an expanded lineup that includes a 4-inch 40 Rat Jr. and a 3 1/4-inch 30 Rat Baby. Both feature the same walking and waking abilities as the original.

Along with the BBZ-1 expansion, SPRO is releasing the RK Star 55. This 1/2-ounce 55mm crankbait has a wide wobble and a natural hunting action. It dives 9 to 12 feet when fished on 10-pound-test line and comes equipped with Gamakatsu treble hooks.

SPRO RK Star 55



2014 Best Apparel: Stormr Fusion Bib Pant

Stormr's breathable two-layer construction and DWR finish of its Fusion Bib Pant were developed to provide maximum protection in wet weather. Plenty of storage to keep personal items high and dry and stretchable kneepads are among the features that earned the bib Best Apparel in 2014.

New for 2015, the Stormr PRIME jacket is the improved offspring of the Typhoon and STRYKR lines. A brand-new water-sealing cuff and closure system, fleece-lined interior, extended interior collar and a whole new look are a few of the jacket’s features.

NEW Stormr PRIME rain jacket



2014 Best Eyewear: Costa Del Mar Hamlin with 580p Mirror Lens

Costa is a perennial contender in the Best Eyewear category and won the award in 2014 with the new Hamlin frames. The company is releasing several new styles for this year’s show, including the Cortez. The bold wrap shape and large fit of the Cortez are meant to shield the eyes from glare, and a linear venting system will thwart fogging. Realtree Xtra camo will be among the six color options for this model. 

New Costa Cortez



2014 Best Footwear: Columbia Megavent Shoe

Fishing apparel giant Columbia created its Megavent Shoe specifically for on-the-water activities. Cooling vents, a water drainage system and more earned it the 2014 Best Footwear award.

Building on the success of the Megavent, Columbia has developed an enhanced model of the shoe. The Megavent Fly OutDry PFG features a ventilated, waterproof and breathable OutDry construction with a unique patented midsole that drains and vents. New styles and colors will also be available.

Colombia Megavent Fly OutDry PFG