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MLF Cups Explained

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February 16, 2018 • Rachel Dubrovin • Cup Events
  • How do anglers qualify for the MLF Cups?
    • The two (2) Select Anglers who have the most combined points after a two-year period move up to the Cups the next year.
      • All events are based on a two-year point system.
      • Anglers earn points at each event, on a scale of 1-24.
      • The winner of the event earns 24 points, the angler who comes in second earns 23 points, ect. The angler who performed the poorest will receive 1 point. Check out the current standings after the 2018 Summit Select here.
    • Select anglers fish two Select events a year: the Summit Select and the Challenge Select
      • The champion from the Summit Select competes in the Summit Cup.
      • The champion from the Challenge Select competes in the Challenge Cup.
  • How many MLF anglers are there?
    • There are 24 Select Anglers, and 26 Cup Anglers
  • How do the Cup tournaments work?
    • Elimination Rounds
      • Nine (9) anglers compete in each Elimination Round. There are three (3) Elimination Rounds, and each last a full day. The angler with the highest weight at the end of the day wins the Elimination Round.
      • There are three periods each day that last 2.5 hours each
      • The six (6) anglers with the highest weights at the end of the day move onto the Sudden Death rounds
    • Sudden Death Rounds
      • Nine (9) anglers compete in each Sudden Death Round. There are two Sudden Death rounds, and anglers are racing to a predetermined “cut weight”. The MLF Commissioner decides on a cut weight based on the weights that anglers caught during the Elimination Rounds
      • Four (4) anglers from each Sudden Death Round move onto the Championship. The first angler to hit the cut weight is the daily winner, and competition ends when a fourth angler reaches the cut weight. If four (4) total anglers do not hit the cut weight before the end of the competition, the anglers with the highest total weight advance.
    • Championship
      • Eight anglers compete for the trophy.
      • Like the Elimination Rounds, there are three periods that last 2.5 hours each, and the angler with the highest weight at the end of the day wins the event.
  • More information on the MLF rules
  • More information on MLF penalties
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