Lee, Elam & Jones Turn It Around on Qualifying Day 4

For the second day in a row, we saw a handful of MLF pros go from next to nothing to the Knockout Round, including James Elam and Alton Jones. However, no angler’s performance was more impressive than Jordan Lee, who started the day with zeroes on SCORETRACKER® and ended up on top, which means he automatically advances on to the Favorite Fishing Stage Two Presented By Bass Cat Championship Round. 

James Elam caught only one scorable bass during his first day on the water (Qualifying Day 2), and his score didn’t change until there was just 40 minutes left in the final period. Elam landed a 5-12, a 3-11 and a 2-04 at the end of Qualifying Day 2, which moved him from the bottom of SCORETRACKER® into 18th place. 

Alton Jones also caught a key fish when it mattered most, with just five minutes left in Qualifying Day 4, he caught a 3-pounder that pushed him above the Elimination Line.