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Association sues EPA over ethanol

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January 14, 2011 • MLF • Archives

The association for boat and motor firms filed a federal suit challenging a decision by EPA to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline from 10 to 15 percent. Thom Dammrich, president of the Chicago-based National Marine Manufacturers Association, said EPA was not introducing E15 in a safe manner as required by law and that the suit is necessary to protect engine manufacturers and consumers.

“NMMA regrets having to pursue litigation on this matter, but it is clear that EPA has not fulfilled its statutory obligations to ensure the safe introduction of E15,” said Dammrich. “Consequently, we and our industry partners have determined that it is necessary to seek relief in the courts in order to protect our manufacturers and our consumers.

“Throughout this process, NMMA has strongly and consistently urged full scientific testing on marine engines and equipment, as required by law, and the rational evaluation of policy mechanisms to protect consumers from misfueling and product failures associated with incompatible fuels, and regulatory actions to ensure that compatible fuels remain available and affordable. EPA has failed in each regard and approved E15 in contravention of its clear statutory requirements.”