Alabama Tornado Relief Team Bass Tourney kicks off June 18 on Lake Guntersville - Major League Fishing

Alabama Tornado Relief Team Bass Tourney kicks off June 18 on Lake Guntersville

Proceeds to benefit Alabama residents affected by recent tornado damage
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Alabama Tornado Relief Team Bass Tourney
May 23, 2011 • MLF • Archives

As a result of the recent tornado damage, the Alabama Bass Federation Inc., and have partnered to organize the Alabama Tornado Relief Team Bass Tournament, scheduled to take place June 18 at Bucky Howe Park on Lake Guntersville.

The tournament will commence at “safe light” and a three-fish limit will be enforced. Entry fees are $150 per team and $100 of each entry will go to the people of Alabama who have been affected by the recent tornado damage.

Due to the recent disastrous weather occurrences, the great people of Alabama have been subjected to horrendous hardships. Hardships no one should have to weather alone. We, the fishing community, are attempting to help our neighbors through this time of need with this benefit tournament. We are asking for your participation to help some of the rural areas of Alabama try to get back to normal. It is our goal to get at least 150 teams in this tournament. We would consider it an honor and a blessing to raise our limit to 200. If you have any water, clothing, or food you want to contribute please bring it to add to our donations to these hard hit areas. We are also working on some things to thank you, our participants and donors, for your time and contributions.

Tournament entry form information


By completing and signing this tournament entry form you will agree that:

A. LIABILITY RELEASE: In signing this agreement I hereby release Alabama Bass Federation, Inc., its officers, directors, sponsors and launch facility from all damages, claims, demands, cost or expenses relating to injury of any person or any property which I may sustain or which I may cause by reason of participating in or in connection with this tournament. I understand that by participating in this tournament I may cause or sustain injury including but not limited to: loss of life, or loss of limb, paralysis, coma, loss of mental functions, loss of sight, loss of speech/smell, dehydration, exposure, hypothermia, frostbite, sunstroke and all other injuries that may be caused by boating or exposure to the elements. I further release Alabama Bass Federation, Inc. for all damages relating to adverse weather conditions while participating in this tournament. It is my responsibility to seek safety should adverse or unforeseen weather conditions occur prior to or during the tournament.

B. COVENANT NOT TO SUE AND WAIVER OF SUBROGATION: I further agree that I will never sue Alabama Bass Federation, Inc. or its officers for damages on account of injury, death or damage I suffer or cause whether known now or which I may develop in the future. In the event Alabama Bass Federation, Inc. is sued because of my actions, I expressly agree to indemnify Alabama Bass Federation, Inc. harmless from any liability whatsoever, including court costs and attorney’s fees, arising from the respect of such actions. I understand that in waiving my rights to sue Alabama Bass Federation, Inc. I am also waiving the right of recovery from Alabama Bass Federation, Inc. of my insurance carrier for any claims that they may pay in my behalf.

Tournament Rules

1. All competitors, winners and non-winners, are subject to a polygraph test. Failure to submit to a polygraph test will result in immediate disqualification. Polygraph test will be given at the tournament director’s discretion. Any competitor or team that does not pass a polygraph will be immediately disqualified and forfeit all winnings.

2. Boat numbers will be determined by order of entry.

3. Take off shall begin at first safe day light (tournament directors discretion)

4. All participants must obey all boating laws and regulations governing watercraft in the state of Alabama. Failure to obey these rules will result in disqualification.

5. Courtesy, Safe boating, Sportsmanship, and conservation must be displayed at all times by contestants. A US Coast Guard approved chest type pfd must be on and fastened anytime the combustion engine is running

6. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard standards all boats must have an emergency kill-switch and must be attached to driver.

7. Eight (8 oz) ounce penalty for dead fish.

8. This will be a three fish limit tournament.

I signify by signing this I have read and understand all tournament rules

of this entry form and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, releases and

Tournament Directors’ decisions.

***** Signatures Required ******

Boater Partner

Signature__________________ Signature ___________________

Name/printed _______________ Name/printed ________________

Make checks payable to: Alabama Bass Federation, Inc.

Mail entries to: P.O. Box 190, Notasulga, AL 36866