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Apex Watercraft Funding Next Kayak Venture

Pro Eric Jackson to build advanced carbon fiber fishing kayaks
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July 17, 2020 • MLF • Industry News

Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit angler Eric Jackson’s new company Apex Watercraft is setting out to build carbon fiber fishing kayaks that are faster, lighter and just as stable as the competition. Apex Watercraft is currently offering fans the opportunity to back the groundbreaking kayak-building venture on Kickstarter and via their website at apexwatercraft.com

An Olympian and a World Champion whitewater kayaker, Jackson has fished at the top level of FLW for the past five years. The new carbon fiber kayaks from Apex Watercraft  will incorporate numerous fishing features, from built-in rod storage, a swiveling seat and the ability to flush mount electronics in the kayak itself. Weighing in around 40 pounds, the carbon fiber kayaks have cork decks, a variety of color options and magnets built into the boat for tool storage. Jackson says the new models are some of the fastest and most stable fishing kayaks possible, thanks to high level materials and design.

"Apex Watercraft has been born out of my desire to make the best fishing kayak possible, without giving in to cutting costs or taking shortcuts,” says Jackson. “We are the Apex of what a fishing kayak can be in 2020."

There are various levels of backing available for the Kickstarter, with multiple different rewards offered based on the level of funding. The initial Apex model is called the Apex Watercraft Tyr and you can see all the levels and all the specs at the Kickstarter page.