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Become a Tackle Warehouse Invitationals Marshal

How would you like to experience a Tackle Warehouse Invitational on the water with some of the nation’s top professional bass anglers? Now is your chance.

MLF has Marshal opportunities available at each Tackle Warehouse Invitational. Register today for your chance to ride along with a pro and learn about locating and catching big bass while they are fishing for as much as $115,000. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for serious anglers, and it is only available to MLF members and subscribers who are at least 16 years old.

As a Marshal, you will spend time on the water with Tackle Warehouse Invitational pros, plus you’ll get behind-the-scenes access throughout the event. You will also receive an exclusive MLF Marshal jersey and play a vital role in live coverage of the tournament by verifying your pro’s catch and relaying information to MLF editors. You won’t be fishing, but you’ll be in the middle of the action. It’s a VIP experience like no other, all for only $100 per tournament. 

As an added bonus, for no additional fee, you will be eligible to win as much as $1,000 at every tournament.

Pick your favorite lake, ride along to learn from the world’s best pros and win cash awards based on the combined weight of the pros you are paired with in the two-day opening round. Here is the complete Marshal payout for each Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit qualifier and the TITLE:

Place – Award

1. $1,000

2. $500

3. $400

4. $300

5. $200

6. $100

7. $100

8. $100

9. $100

10. $100

Don’t miss this opportunity. Register today.

Tackle Warehouse Invitationals Marshal Guidelines:

1. All Marshals must have a current MLF membership or subscription. Marshals may register here or by calling MLF at 270.252.1000 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Time Monday-Friday.

2. All participants must be 16 years of age or older. Each Marshal will be required to sign a liability release. Marshals under the age of 18 (19 in Alabama and Nebraska) must also have the signature of a parent or legal guardian on their liability release. 

3. The fee is $100 per tournament, payable upon registration. Marshals can register for a single tournament or multiple events. Prospective Marshals not accepted will receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued once accepted for an event.

4. MLF may, at its sole discretion, deny any prospective Marshal based on the applicant’s ability to participate in all Marshal activities without hindering his or her pro and/or compromising his or her safety or the safety of his or her pro or other participants.

5. MLF may, at its sole discretion, deny any prospective Marshal based on criminal convictions or charges or any other offenses that could be detrimental to the MLF Marshal program, the integrity of the sport or its sponsors.

6. Marshals will be assigned pros by random computer draw and will be assigned a different pro each day of the tournament.

7. Marshals are not allowed to practice with pros. Marshals cannot share information about fishing locations or patterns with pros per Tackle Warehouse Invitational rules.

8. Marshals cannot assist pros with fishing in any way. Marshals cannot net fish, handle the net in any way, help anchor or stabilize a boat, or handle fish. During competition hours, Marshals must stay in the boat at all times, except in an emergency or for the momentary condition of restroom breaks. Pros may not ask a Marshal to exit a boat to make it more accessible to fishing waters.

9. Select Marshals may be required to ride in a chase boat should their assigned pro also be assigned an MLF Live camera operator or MLF editor.

10. Marshals are required to have a smart phone with text messaging, photo capability and mapping for communicating with MLF editors. Data charges for transmitting text and photos are each Marshal’s responsibility.

11. Marshals are required to provide regular updates, photos and angler locations to MLF editors as instructed during the pretournament Marshal meeting whenever an assigned pro catches a fish. Select Marshals may also be provided with video equipment from MLF for recording and transmitting video back to MLF editors. Data charges for transmitting text, photos and video from MLF provided equipment will be covered by MLF.  

12. At no time can a Marshal give his or her assigned pro catch updates from other competitors, regardless of the source of the information, be it social media, a website, direct message, call or text.

13. At the request of their assigned pro, Marshals may use a cell phone to assist the pro with his or her social media updates. Marshals are not, however, obligated to assist a pro with social media updates, as their primary function is to communicate with MLF editors and producers.

14. Marshals may post updates to their personal social media pages so long as they are tagged as instructed by MLF during the pretournament Marshal meeting. Marshals may not, however, provide updates to any other social media pages or websites other than their assigned pro’s page or MLF.

15. Marshals are not permitted to smoke if requested not to do so by their pro.

16. Marshals are expected to participate every day for which their register was approved. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility to participate in future MLF events.

17. MLF may, at its sole discretion, reassign Marshals prior to takeoff.

19. Unless authorized by the tournament director or MLF Marshal manager all Marshals must register and attend a pretournament meeting the afternoon before each event. Times and locations will be emailed to each Marshal prior to the event as confirmation they have been accepted to participate. Online meetings may also be held in place of in-person meetings. 

20. Marshals that register for all six Tackle Warehouse Invitationals will have priority over applicants that register for single events. All other priority will be offered to Marshals based on time and date of registration.

21. Each Marshal will receive credit for the weight of their assigned pro’s catch on Days 1-2. The Marshals with the top 10 weights following the close of weigh-in on Day 2 will receive cash awards. Ties will be broken by heaviest one-day catch. If a tie remains, it will be broken first by total number of fish and then by total number of live fish. If a tie remains, awards will be combined and split equally among the tied contestants.

22. Marshals are required to furnish their own PFD, rain gear and any snacks or drinks they would like to consume on the water. Pros will allow each Marshal to store snacks and drinks in the boat’s cooler. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. 

23. Marshals will be briefed on Tackle Warehouse Invitational rules during their pretournament meeting. Marshals must have a general understanding of the rules pros must follow, including but not limited to culling procedures, off-limits areas and accepted fishing methods. Marshals should call the tournament director immediately if a rule violation is suspected or there is any question concerning sportsmanship or safe boating.