MLF pro Brent Chapman
MLF pro Brent Chapman with his wife, Bobbi, and children Makayla and Mason

As we approach the holidays, one word that comes to mind is “tradition”. The holidays are a time when families come together to enjoy each other’s company, eat great food, and continue traditions that make memories.

But this year, one Major League Fishing pro is hoping to do away with one of his family’s traditions.

“I would like for Gary Klein and Boyd Duckett to look into restructuring this tradition in my family and make it better for everyone involved,” Dave Lefebre said. 

He’s referring to the early Thanksgiving meal, which is served promptly at 2:00 pm in the Lefebre household. Lefebre believes it’s a horrible time to eat, but his family just won’t push back their “turkey time”.

“I’m hungry around noon and then I’m re-hungry around 5:00 or 6:00 pm. I can’t wait two more hours past noon to eat and it’s not good to eat again before bed,” Lefebre said. “But, not eating around 5:00 pm causes this problem too, which then affects how you feel on Friday.”

Not to mention, the timing interferes with another family tradition: watching football.

“Plus 2:00 pm is right in the middle of the game, which we always watch on this day,” Lefebre said.

All jokes aside, Lefebre looks forward to celebrating Thanksgiving. He has a new reason to give thanks this year.

“To see the sport I’ve been consumed with my entire life finally take the step it was ready for 15 years ago. This is such a huge deal,” Lefebre said. “I’m thankful I was asked to play and thankful for a real opportunity to provide for my family.”

Brent Chapman’s Thanksgiving tradition is always dictated by the weather. He says if the weather permits, he may go hunting in the morning, or his family may go for a hike if the weather is warm. If it’s freezing, they stay indoors and play board games.

“In Kansas, we may get a 50-degree day or below freezing. You never know,” Chapman said. “No matter what, the day is spent with our family.”

Major League Fishing Pro Randy Howell and family
Randy Howell, his wife, Robin, and sons Laker & Oakley

MLF pro Britt Myers also prioritizes family time on Thanksgiving. He says he likes to sneak out early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day to go fishing with his sons before everyone gets together for a big meal.

“I’m thankful for my super awesome family. I couldn’t imagine my life without them,” Myers said.

Randy Howell and his wife, Robin, say they’re thankful for faith, family, and fishing. The Howell’s Thanksgiving tradition similar to both Chapman’s and Myers’.

“Living in Guntersville, if the weather permits we will do a little duck hunting that morning and fishing the afternoon,” Howell said.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MLF!