Marty Stone

After 17 years of fishing professionally in B.A.S.S., and FLW, Marty has now transitioned from retired professional angler into full-time Director Event Research and Program Analyst. Marty will tell anyone within earshot that he is one of the luckiest anglers to ever hold a rod and reel; to bring a childhood dream into a career in which he amassed almost $1 million in career earnings. During his career he qualified for four Bassmaster Classics, four FLW Cups, was a two-time Elite Series winner, runner-up FLW AOY 1997, runner-up Bassmaster AOY 2005.

Now he gets to see true greatness daily when covering Major League Fishing competitors. Marty taps into his fishing experience and knowledge as an MLF NOW! live stream analyst. Marty is also the on-the-water analyst during MLF Cup events. Although you can’t truly pull the competitor out of him, when he is not sharing his expert insight on some of the best anglers in the world, you will still find him on the water competing in local bass tournaments around his home state of North Carolina.