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FLW Twitter chat transcript with Casey Martin

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Casey Martin displays his winning fish. Photo by Rob Newell. Angler: Casey Martin.
September 27, 2013 • MLF • Uncategorized

The following is the transcript of the live Twitter Chat with FLW Tour pro Casey Martin that took place on Sept. 26:

  1. @CaMartfishing How do you break down which baits and banks to fish at places you”ve never been before? #FLWChat #FLWFishing

  2. @gr20ray2020 I do a lot of map study and look at google earth but realistically its a lot of trial and error #flwchat

  3. @AlPaschkowiak @CaMartfishing #FLWChat I understand you were born in Canada. Have you ever returned north to fish bass?What”s your fav lake?

  4. @FLWFishing @AlPaschkowiak I go back every summer to fish, my favorite lake is called Toad Lake in Pt. Loring Ontario #flwchat

  5. What were your thoughts about the mega-school on Chick? #FLWChat

  6. @niceicetuck it was one of the biggest schools of fish I have seen outside of Kentucky lake and best part was they were big! #flwchat

  7. [email protected] Which FLW Tour stop are you most looking forward to in 2014? Why? #FLWChat

  8. @JoeOpager Looking forward to them all except maybe Hartwell that one usually has my number #flwchat

  9. @CaMartfishing What”s your favorite fall bait? #FLWChat

  10. @gr20ray2020 I really like to throw a topwater like a Boing G2 around schooling fish over top of grass #flwchat

  11. [email protected] @FLWFishing @AlPaschkowiak is it called toad Lake because of the big fish or the warty critters? #flwchat

  12. @vtbasser @FLWFishing @AlPaschkowiak Not sure, not a whole lot of big fish but great scenery and get to spend to time with family #flwchat

  13. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing what”s the biggest difference between bass fishing in the north versus the southern states? #flwchat

  14. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing the amount of pressure, its crazy how many lures these southern bass see in a year #flwchat

  15. [email protected] #flwchat are you any good at carving pumpkins?

  16. @vtbasser I love carving pumpkins stayed tuned, pics will be posted on twitter later #flwchat

  17. Speaking of Hartwell, Ricky Brown wants to know what is your fav bait that you will be using on Lake Hartwell in Mar when you visit #FLWChat

  18. @FLWFishing probably a shad rap or a drop shot, definitely not the A Rig lol…. #flwchat

  19. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat at what point in your career did you receive your first sponsor not pro-staff position?

  20. @bwimberly @FLWFishing I was able to get a good jig sponsor early in my career but they are tough to come by #flwchat

  21. @CaMartfishing Will you take me fishing?? #FLWChat

  22. @CarnesFishing let me know when you are in town and maybe we can get together #flwchat

  23. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat what are your views on the banning of the A-rig on the tour?

  24. @bwimberly @FLWFishing I don”t mind it, its one less thing to have to worry about throwing and its whats most anglers wanted #flwchat

  25. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing have you fished in any of the other big bass meccas around the world? I.e Japan, Cuba? #flwchat @phaedrus_dh

  26. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh I haven”t its definitely on the bucket list #flwchat

  27. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh would you call it your “Bucketmouth” list? lol #flwchat

  28. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh yeah good call Albert, I definitely wanna add El Salto Mexico to the “bucketmouth list” #flwchat

  29. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat what advice can you give to a back deck angler that can set them apart from the rest of the field?

  30. @bwimberly @FLWFishing just go into the events with the attitude to have fun and learn as much as you can #flwchat

  31. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat as a former co-angler what advice can you give to boaters that would make a co-anglers life easier?

  32. @bwimberly @FLWFishing throws only baits that you have confidence in, its not the time to be experiment during the tournament #flwchat

  33. Can I borrow your boat since my batteries are dead pretty please…….. #FLWchat

  34. @CrizzelCraig I don”t know if you can handle the speed, just ask my co angler from Eufaula.. #flwchat

  35. @CaMartfishing I”m fishing as a co angler this year. What are the 4 most versatile lures I could take with me? #FLWChat

  36. @CarnesFishing A jig, a crankbait, a shakeyhead and spinnerbait will cover 75% of the water column #flwchat

  37. Danny Frazier wants to know What is your favorite bait for Chickamauga in the fall? #FLWChat

  38. @FLWFishing Danny I would say its hard to beat a crankbait or topwater on Chick #flwchat

  39. [email protected] You”re stuck on a deserted island with one other FLW Tour pro… who you picking? #FLWChat

  40. @JoeOpager it would be me and @davelefebre with the A rig, with that miracle bait we”d have all the fish we could eat… #flwchat

  41. Jackson Dooling asked What is your all time favorite lure for big bass?! #FLWChat

  42. @FLWFishing It has to be the Picasso Bait Ball extreme but it takes a toll throwing it, second would be a 10XD #flwchat

  43. @CaMartfishing What was it like sharing the same area as Mark Rose, and what was Rose”s reactions after the Chic tourney? #FLWChat

  44. @_stacyweaver @Roseoutdoors was a class act, him @JTkenneyfishing and I were having a blast catching those fish out there on day 1 #flwchat

  45. @CaMartfishing I watch the circuit breakers, and I know Drew Sanford from the beaver tourney, he helped our school start a club #FLWChat

  46. @gr20ray2020 Drew was a great co angler, he will definitely be in the sport for a long time #flwchat

  47. #FLWChat for a couple of packages of @Zmanfishing FattyZ, tell me what @CaMartfishing favorite chatterbait color is

  48. @FLWFishing green pumpkin @CaMartfishing is fav color #FLWChat

  49. @Johnsonfishing @FLWFishing Brandon you got it, respond to @flwfishing in a direct message with your address to ship the bait #flwchat

  50. How did you get into fishing tournaments? And any advice for people looking to get into the tournament scene? #FLWChat

  51. @LandonBatten best way to get into tournament fishing is the FLW co angler txs. That”s how me @jlufishing , @srmbass got our start #flwchat

  52. @FLWFishing @CaMartfishing Will there be another season of circuit breaker? if not, any film projects plans? @phaedrus_dh #flwchat

  53. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh Circuit Breaker season 2 is still up in the air…stay tuned should know something soon #flwchat

  54. @AlPaschkowiak @phaedrus_dh Also the final episode from this seasons Circuit Breaker at the FWC will be released tomorrow #flwchat

  55. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh all your die hard Canadian fans are definitely hoping for #CBS2 #flwchat

  56. @CaMartfishing Also when fishing new water, what baits would you defiantly have on your deck in the fall? #flwchat

  57. @gr20ray2020 spinnerbaits, flukes, arig, frog #flwchat

  58. @FLWFishing @CaMartfishing #FLWchat when can we get you back on Fishin” Outrageous Radio to talk about that MONSTER bag at Chick & the FWC?

  59. #FLWChat Gordon Holman is wondering What”s your favorite search Baits @CaMartfishing

  60. @FLWFishing Chatterbait and Rat-L-trap…especially if there is any grass around #flwchat

  61. One more bait question from Rene Valdez, What”s your favorite drop shot bait #FLWChat

  62. @FLWFishing would have to be a roboworm or Zman Jerk Shad #flwchat

  63. Shawn Bowen asks What percentage would you put on overall amount of time you SIT on A spot in tournaments vs running around. #FLWChat

  64. @FLWFishing that”s a good question if I think there are winning fish on a spot Ill sit on them on day #flwchat

  65. @CaMartfishing boxers or briefs #FLWChat

  66. @JSJbassfishing boxer briefs….why you wanna know is beyond me…. #flwchat

  67. THX @CaMartfishing 4 your time, exciting wk-season finale of Circuit Breaker out Fri, how do you feel with no cameras following you?#FLWChat

  68. @FLWFishing Definitely cant wait to see Episode 7 of Circuit Breaker gonna be a good one #flwchat

  69. [email protected] What”s the best thing that happened this year for you on Tour that the #CircuitBreaker crew missed? #flwchat

  70. JoeOpager @CaMartfishing not the best but most dramatic was when my co angler flew out of the boat.. or maybe the “walleye scene” #flwchat

  71. #FLWChat, @CaMartfishing Any more tournaments left this season?

  72. @FLWFishing hopefully going to be fishing BFL wildcard at the end of October trying to make the All American #flwchat

  73. @CaMartfishing thanks, and what lakes from Alabama are you familiar with. #FLWChat

  74. @FLWFishing is Casey Martin looking forward to coming to rayburn next year? #FLWChat

  75. JRoyalFishing @FLWFishing Ive only been once but it seems like a good lake with big fish so yes! #flwchat

  76. @FLWFishing its strange without any camera, its kinda lonely lol.not used to not having Stacy and Travis hound me with questions… #flwchat

  77. @Johnsonfishing you are the winner of @Zmanfishing baits, DM your address and I will send the bait. Thx for joining #FLWChat this morning.

  78. Thanks to all #FLWFishing fans & @CaMartfishing 4 joining us in this mornings Tweet Chat. Casey what will you being doing on Sunday?#FLWChat

  79. @FLWFishing Going to be watching @RandallTharp on NBC sports putting the hammer down at the Forrest Wood Cup #honeybadger #flwchat

  80. @FLWFishing Thanks for having me…It was fun catching up now that things have slowed down some #flwchat

  81. @CaMartfishing did you have someone that you could go to about fishing advice, problems, and kind of a what to do mentor? #flwchat

  82. @Johnsonfishing not really I think most of what I have learned was through the coangler program at FLW so it would be a lot of guys #flwchat

  83. [email protected] If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? #FLWChat

  84. @JoeOpager I would say Brett Carlson or Travis Wavescorx those 2 are stars in the making… #flwchat

  85. [email protected] Are the Habs for real this season? #flwchat #hockeytalk

  86. @BassFanNews The Habs are always for real…whether or not they succeed is another question…Did you see the T.O/Sabres Brawl? #flwchat

  87. [email protected] Did I see it? It”s all anyone has talked about for 3 days in town. First reg season mtg should be fun. #donnybrook #flwchat

  88. @CaMartfishing what kind of knot do you prefer to tie? #flwchat

  89. @MRamey98 I use palomar 80% of the time #flwchat

  90. @CaMartfishing what”s your favorite baits to throw in the summer when the bite is slow? #flwchat

  91. @MRamey98 I think to throw a big worm #flwchat

  92. #FLWChat, we r out, thx @CaMartfishing don”t forget to watch “FLW” on @nbc Sun, 2:30 pm ET, #ForrestWoodCup episode & Circuit Breaker Fri.!