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A Christmas Wish List

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December 23, 2014 • Colin Moore • Uncategorized

A new Ranger, a Lowrance HDS, a set of Power-Poles – chances are Santa will bring us a few of the things we’ve asked for on Christmas, but some items might have to wait for another yuletide or until the Claus household becomes a bit more financially stable.

What do you hope to find under the Christmas tree this year? Perhaps it’s something that one of the following pros has on his wish list as well:

Rookie of the Year Jason Lambert capped off his season with two amazing tournament finishes on TVA lakes. Jason Lambert: One of those $125,000 Tour championship checks would be nice. I came close last year at Kentucky Lake (finishing second to Skip Johnson). If I don’t find it under the Christmas tree this year, maybe I’ll find it at the Chickamauga tournament.

Vic Vatalaro, left, and Theo Corcoran with a few nice keepers.Vic Vatalaro: My Christmas present is coming in June. That’s when my wife is expecting our second child. Our 2 1/2-year-old son is also looking forward to meeting his new brother or sister.

David Fritts sits perched on his chair while watching his flasher and throwing crankbait. David Fritts: When I drove from North Carolina to my hunting lease in Texas, I stopped by Lew’s Tackle and loaded up on Christmas presents – lots of new rods and reels. Beyond that, I’m giving myself a custom-made .20-caliber varmint rifle so I can deal with the coyotes and hogs on my lease.

It was a strong day, but also a day of 'could-haves' for Barry Wilson. He laid eyes on a handful of quality keepers but couldn't get them in the boat. This kicker carried him to 10th place with a five-fish weight of 11 pounds, 8 ounces.Barry Wilson: I got my new boat last week, so my Christmas came early. It’s a Ranger Z521C NASCAR-edition color with the new Evinrude G2 that matches. I don’t know whose wrap is going on it yet, but I’ll find out right after the first of the year.

TBF Champion Mark Daniels ran away with the Rayovac FLW Series event on the Cal Delta.Mark Daniels Jr.: A Forrest Wood Cup coupon, good for free admittance into the Forrest Wood Cup championship on Lake Ouachita next August. That works for me.

Talk about a balancing act. This Lake Okeechobee keeper hoisted by Stetson Blaylock looks like it weighs about as much as his son, Kei, in the other arm.Stetson Blaylock: I’ve had a good year fishing, and I’ve had a good year finding sponsors, so I don’t have a long list. I’m thankful for the blessings I’ve received. I just got into duck hunting for the first time, and I’ve really been enjoying it. So if anybody asks me what I want for Christmas, I tell them duck-hunting gear. A new Remington 870 would be perfect, but I’ll settle for a box of duck loads.

The Straight Talk pro weaved through standing timber while looking for his kicker.Scott Canterbury: I’d like to find an unlimited gas card with my name on it under the tree. That’s about as good as it gets, considering how much it costs to travel all over the country fishing tournaments.

James Watson makes a cast over the dense Okeechobee vegetation.James Watson: I hope there’s a pair of magic flip-flops to wear in Florida at Okeechobee and Toho, the kind that makes bass want to bite whatever I throw in the water. And while we’re talking fantasies, an invitation to Hugh Hefner’s New Year’s Eve Party would be very much appreciated.

George Kapiton is happy with the third keeper he caught on day two of the Rayovac FLW Series on Wheeler Lake, it was a good one.George Kapiton: I’ve got just about everything I want, and I plan to earn the rest. One thing I would like is a ticket to fish the Walmart FLW Tour, because right now I’m on the waiting list and haven’t heard if I’m going to make it. If I don’t, I’ll fish the Rayovac FLW Series anyway. I’ve already qualified for the Forrest Wood Cup through the Series Championship, so I’m satisfied.

There was no messing around when Thrift set the hook on one.Bryan Thrift: I’m looking for a gift certificate good for one guide trip with Cody Meyer on that lake in California where he’s catching those giant spotted bass.

Rayovac pro Jacob Wheeler is ready to go. He's another one who could earn his second Forrest Wood Cup win this week. Jacob Wheeler: Maybe a pair of beach shorts. The day after Christmas, I’m flying to Bermuda for some R&R. It’s important to step back once in a while and get away from the phones and stress. I’m really looking forward to taking a breather.