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Top 20 Hanselman Photos of 2015

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Ray Hanselman battles a smallmouth in on an umbrella rig. Photo by Curtis Niedermier. Angler: Ray Hanselman.
Dominance, captured in photos
December 10, 2015 • FLW Staff • Uncategorized

The story of Ray Hanselman’s 2015 season and his four-tournament sweep is sure to become legendary in the fishing biz. But since a photo speaks a thousand words, we’ll spare you the wordy recap and let you enjoy this story-telling gallery of some of Hanselman’s finest moments from the season.


Lake Amistad guide Ray Hanselman with a solid largemouth and smallmouth.

1. Hanselman’s first day of competition during the 2015 season was on Lake Amistad back in February. Legendary pro and Amistad transplant Denny Brauer took the day-one lead with 21 pounds, but Hanselman was right on his heels thanks to an impressive 19-pound multi-species catch. Did you know Amistad had so much bronze? Photo by Jesse Schultz.


Hanselman slings another cast.

2. On the third and final day at Lake Amistad, Hanselman started the morning on grassy drains throwing a somewhat uncommon tournament bait: a Wahoo Lures Wing Ding Tail Spinner. He also fished a crankbait. When his upstream honey hole – a warm-water area fed by natural springs – produced only one fish when he went there midday, Hanselman returned to the drains in the afternoon to lock up the win. Photo by Curtis Niedermier.


That's keeper No. 1 for the leader. He'll need to find bigger bass than that.

3. This keeper got Hanselman off to a small start on the third day at Amistad. Photo by Curtis Niedermier.


Hanselman shows off his biggest bass of day three.

4. Mmmm … kicker. This fish was the nail in the coffin for Hanselman’s Amistad competitors. Photo by Jesse Schultz.


Finally, after coming close so many times, Ray Hanselman has won a major tournament on his home lake.

5. Victory was sweet for Hanselman on Amistad. After several close calls, this was his first major win on his home lake. Photo by Jesse Schultz.


Hanselman shows off a day-three keeper.

6. On day three at stop No. 2 on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Hanselman put this fish, his first keeper, in the box and was on his way to becoming the first angler to win back-to-back Rayovac FLW Series events. Photo by Brian Lindberg.


Hanselman hauls one aboard.

7. The key to Hanselman’s win on Rayburn was working deep into the thickest flooded cover and dropping through with a Strike King Slither Rig. Here he is hauling one up and out on day three. Photo by Brian Lindberg.


Ray Hanselman has won back-to-back Rayovac FLW Series Texas Division tournaments to open the 2015 season.

8. Trophy No. 2. He’s halfway there. Photo by Brian Lindberg.


1. Ray Hanselman

9. Hanselman shows off the Slither Rig. He’d pose four times for bait photos for’s regular Top 10 Baits photo galleries after tournaments. Photo by Brian Lindberg.


Top pro Ray Hanselman pulls hard and co-angler partner Ryan Lejeune reaches out to net a big keeper.

10. Yowza … maybe he’s still perfecting his form at this point of the season. Whatever the case, this photo was taken on the third day at Texoma, site of win No. 3. Photo by David A. Brown.


Ray Hanselman celebrates an early keeper.

11. This photo at Texoma was snapped just a split second before a Hanselmania fist pump. He perfected his fist pump form this season. Photo by David A. Brown.


Ray Hanselman unloads his giant bag of fish into the official Strike King AOY leader weigh bag.

12. Hanselman pulls another Texoma hawg from his livewell. Photo by Jesse Schultz.


Ray Hanselman holds up a pair of Texoma giants.

13. This pair of Texoma brutes, caught on the second day of competition, pushed Hanselman up the leaderboard from third to first. His lead going into the third day was 8 pounds, 6 ounces, leaving little doubt as to whether or not he could pull off the sweep. Photo by Jesse Schultz.


Ray Hanselman

14. Good thing Hanselman has all his fingers. He’d need them all (we don’t count the thumb) by the end of the season for photos like this one. Photo by Jesse Schultz


In total, that is five Rayovac FLW Series wins shaking hands.

15. Hanselman shakes hands with Western Division ace Joe Uribe Jr. on the second day at the Rayovac FLW Series Championship on the Ohio River. There’s a lot of greatness in that handshake, too. Uribe won two of the three Western events this season. Can you say hammers? Photo by Jody White.


Ray Hanselman battles a smallmouth in on an umbrella rig.

16. On his 12th day of FLW Series competition in 2015, Hanselman was just as calm and collected – and deadly – as he was on day one. This fish is the first of his final limit at the Championship. Photo by Curtis Niedermier.


Yes! That fish is key for Ray Hanselman.

17. Oh yeah. Hanselman lands one of his two biggest smallmouths on the final day of the Championship. He primarily fished an umbrella rig in the Tennessee River, in the tailwaters of Kentucky Lake. Photo by Curtis Niedermier.


Ray Hanselman gives his tackle details for the top 10 baits article.

18. Hanselman talks tackle with a couple of FLW staffers at the final weigh-in of the Championship. Photo by Curtis Niedermier.


Ray Hanselman shows off his winning fish.

19. Big smallies = win No. 4. Hey, look, a smile. Hanselman was one cool cookie all season. It was nice to see him celebrate at the end. Photo by Curtis Niedermier.


Ray Hanselman holds up the spoils of victory.

20. Hanselman’s accountant will be happy this winter. The Texas pro won $149,546 this season. He also qualified for the 2016 Forrest Wood Cup, where he’s guaranteed to cash a check. We also heard he bought dinner for his roommates at the Championship. He’s a winner, and a nice guy. Photo by Curtis Niedermier.