Every jig fisherman knows this to be the truth: accurately skipping a jig into a tiny sweet spot under overhanging vegetation or deep into a dock is one of the most rewarding casts you’ll ever make. It’s 10 times more rewarding when a tucked-away fish bites that jig.

Bass Fishing Hall of Famer Gary Klein has likely skipped a million jigs into tight spots from coast to coast over the course of his 40-plus-year career. Klein insists that skipping a jig produces a more natural presentation and allows you to catch fish in the hard-to-reach places where you could never accurately access with an overhead cast.

In this Major League Lesson, the longtime MLF pro discusses the plusses of the Berkley F19 Skipping Jig, a PowerBait-infused jig that he designed with a wide, flat head and bulky skirt that make it a dream to skip accurately.