While we were shooting the 2020 Summit Cup in Missouri, five MLF pros revealed the strangest thing they’ve used to catch a bass. 

  • Mark Daniels, Jr. says a hair jig is the strangest bait he’s ever used to catch smallmouth.
  • While he was skeptical at first, Randy Howell says he once used a purple pre-rigged worm to catch bass in a tournament.
  • Michael Neal says a friend gave him a handmade lure, made of a ping pong ball and a jig skirt, and he says it actually worked.
  • Believe it or not, Dustin Connell says he once used a blade of grass to catch a bass.
  • Louisiana native Gerald Spohrer says he likes to catch speckled trout with Vudu shrimp, and one time he was able to use those same baits in a tournament to catch bass.