Some bigger pre-spawn largemouth started to show up in Elimination Round 1 of the Bass Pro Tour Huk Stage Two presented by Favorite Fishing.

Early in the day, Mark Rose landed a 7- pound, 3-ouncer and a 6-1. Before he landed his second big fish, he wrote a Valentine’s Day note to his wife and daughters to include in the photo of the 6-pounder. Now, he’s moving onto the Knockout Round after finishing in third place.

Aaron Martens landed a 6-5 in Period 2. Unfortunately, he wasn’t wasn’t able to get enough bites to keep him above the Elimination Line.

Alton Jones, Jr. is moving on to the Knockout Round, thanks in part to a 5-12 that he landed in Period 3. He says he’s confident that we’ll see even bigger fish in the upcoming rounds.