<strong>Mark Daniels, Jr. Adds “Alabama Shake” to his Swim Jig Repertoire (And so Should You)</strong>

Mark Daniels, Jr. Adds “Alabama Shake” to his Swim Jig Repertoire (And so Should You)

Fishing a swim jig the Alabama way can be done any time of the year.

<strong>Jason Christie Shares Three Things You May Not Know About Frog Fishing</strong>

Jason Christie Shares Three Things You May Not Know About Frog Fishing

Here are three of Christie’s discoveries your frogging education may have missed.

Mercury Pro Tactics: Lake Fork

Mercury Pro Tactics: Lake Okeechobee

Here’s what some Mercury Pro Team anglers learned that will help them during Stage Two competition on Lake Okeechobee.

VanDam’s Way: Adding Power to Your Drop-Shot Approach

Kevin VanDam knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful power-fishing pro. 

Mercury Pro Tactics: Lake Eufaula

I Spy(bait) With My Little Eye: Aaron Martens’ Spybait Secrets

The spybait has gained popularity in recent years, but MLF pro Aaron Martens has several tips on fishing the Japanese-born bait.

KEITH POCHE: Here’s Why I’ve Made the Move to Aluminum for 2020

Keith Poche is heading into the 2020 Bass Pro Tour season with an aluminum advantage. Find out why the Mercury pro made the switch from fiberglass to an aluminum boat.

Howell, Hackney on the Swim Jig: “I Fish It 365 Days a Year”

For MLF pros Randy Howell and Greg Hackney, a swim jig has been one of their most consistent producers of bass for a couple of decades now. Check out what Howell and Hackney have to say about one of their favorite lures.

MARK DANIELS, JR: Learn How to Play My Kind of Video Games

MLF pro Mark Daniels, Jr. is an avid “video game” angler, using his electronics to his advantage. Through the years, he’s learned a few tricks that may help improve your video game fishing.

LUKE CLAUSEN: Trying to Get Back to Winning Ways

A lesson learned over the course of many years during Luke Clausen‘s professional career is that fishing is hard. Hear from the MLF pro about how he intends to tackle the 2020 season with a winning mindset.

Biffle Bug Crash Course with Tommy Biffle

McClelland’s Next Crankbait Class: Keep Crankin’ into Winter

According to MLF pro Mike McClelland, it’s not the calendar that determines when, where and how he fishes a crankbait, but the conditions that greet him when he shows up at the lake in December and January.

Follow Casey Ashley’s Advice for Cold-Water Success on Highland Lakes

Largemouth and spotted bass are the primary targets Casey Ashley is hunting for on highland lakes. During the winter months, bass tend to be heavier, really healthy, and not far from their summer haunts.

Christie Focuses on Water Clarity for Cold-Water Spinnerbait Success

One of Jason Christie’s biggest weapons is the spinnerbait, and he feels that it’s one of the best ways to catch big fish during the winter, if the conditions are right.

Drop-Shot 101 with Aaron Martens

MLF pro Aaron Martens – whether he wants to be or not – is known around the bass-fishing world for his mastery of the drop-shot technique.

Open Water and Squarebills: Howell Hints How to Hammer Fall Bass

Mercury pro Randy Howell gives his tips on how to catch fall bass. 

Mercury Strategy Moment: Upper Mississippi River

JASON CHRISTIE: It’s Time to Go Back to a High-Risk, High-Reward Attitude

Mercury pro Jason Christie is ready to get back to a high-risk, high-reward mentality for the 2020 Bass Pro Tour season. 

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