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Cody Meyer Relies on a Topwater and Wacky Rig in Early Postspawn

Cody Meyer explains what he believes is the best approach for early summer since bass are particularly hungry and aggressive after spawning.

Brent Ehrler Thankful for Heavy Hitters’ Hot Streak

Brent Ehrler made an 8-pound catch at Heavy Hitters and hopes to keep the momentum going into Stage Four of the Bass Pro Tour.

Randy Howell’s Record-Breaking Catch

Randy Howell shares how he made a 12-pound, 14 ounce catch at the first Bass Pro Tour event of the 2022 season.

Brent Ehrler Rebounds for REDCREST

Brent Ehrler discusses the mental preparation that goes into gearing up for REDCREST.

Randy Howell’s Shallow Cranking Setup

Randy Howell details his shallow cranking setup.

Randy Howell’s Daiwa Tatula Elite Spinning Rod Setup for Power Fishing

Randy Howell detail why this unique spinning rod is great for power techniques and heavy-cover baits.

Randy Howell’s Daiwa Tatula Elite Topwater Rod Will Help You Land More Fish

Randy Howell explains why he designed his signature rod with topwater baits in mind.

Cody Meyer’s Go-To Casting Reel

Cody Meyer knows he needs a quality reel when competing on the Bass Pro Tour. Find out why the Daiwa Tatula Elite his go-to casting reel.

Brent Ehrler Details his ‘Jack of All Trades’ Spinning Setup

While the 7-foot, 1-inch Daiwa Tatula Elite Signature Series Brent Ehrler Spinning Rod is labelled as a drop-shot rod,  Brent Ehrler considers it a jack of all trades for multiple spinning applications. 

Randy Howell’s Key for Late-Summer Topwater Success: Long Casts

The heat of the late summer is a great time to throw topwaters, but as MLF pro Randy Howell points out in this Major League Lesson, making a long cast to skittish fish is a key.

Time Off Allows Meyer to Reconnect with NorCal Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spots

During the 2 1/2-month off time, the Daiwa pro has been able to reeducate himself on how to catch spawning spotted, largemouth and smallmouth bass.

‘No Plan B’: Howell’s Journey from 11-Year-Old Guide to Bass Pro Tour Angler

For the first time in 28 years, Randy Howell finds himself in a little hiatus during the middle of a fishing season. Granted, it’s not by his choice, but a little time away from the sport he loves allowed him to reflect on a career that has spanned nearly three decades.

GALLERY: Brent Ehrler Gave us a Peek at What Lake Fork Has to Offer

We hopped on the boat with Brent Ehrler as he explored Lake Fork the day before the start of Stage Three. As you’ll see, Ehrler found ’em.

Let’s Go to Punchin’ School with Ish Monroe

Every angler fishing the Bass Pro Tour is more than capable of punching thick vegetation and catching bass, but some live for it and have built careers with the help of this technique.

BRENT EHRLER: My Three Key Baits for Fall Success

“Put away your jigs and worms and pick up the three baits I use in the fall: a topwater (earlier in parts of the country where it’s warmer), a jerkbait, and a squarebill crankbait.”

Randy Howell’s Story on the Tatula Elite Rods

Froggin’ 101 With Cody Meyer

Meyer Prepares 1-2 Punch for Biggest Topwater Bite of the Year

“Topwater will be heavily involved this time of year. Fall is a time when you can catch big ones on topwater.”

ISH MONROE: Big Saltwater Bites Make Me Want Bigger Bass

“It’s exciting catching big fish because it’s not easy to do. Anyone can go out there and just catch a bass, but if you can catch bigger and better bass than everyone else, that means something and it can help you win a tournament. “

BRENT EHRLER: I’m Sick of Not Winning. Period.

Ish Monroe Explains the New Tatula 150

RANDY HOWELL: Stage Three Raleigh Is a Bit of a Homecoming for Me

“I learned to fish on Gaston and Kerr Lake, and started guiding on Gaston when I was still in grade school. So even though it’s been over 20 years since I lived there, I’m a Tar Heel at heart.”

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