FAQ - Major League Fishing


How do I become an MLF Official?

Becoming an MLF official requires much more involvement than that of an Observer or Marshal. Currently, MLF officials must live in or a short distance from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where our organization is headquartered, because they use their own vehicles to haul the competition boats to each event, and they go through regular training at our main office. If you are interested in additional information about how to become an MLF Official, please contact us.


How can I compete in Major League Fishing?

Right now, the MLF Bass Pro Tour is invite-only and the roster is set for the next three seasons. In the future we will create a feeder system and new anglers will have the opportunity to qualify for the Bass Pro Tour. Please keep an eye on MajorLeagueFishing.com for updates.


How can I tell MLF about something I really enjoy or think the show could improve?

Major League Fishing is growing every year, and with that growth comes constant room for improvement! If you have a comment or question not answered here, please contact us.


How can I work for Major League Fishing?

We’re always thrilled when people want to become a part of our organization. For information on positions as they become available with MLF and other parts of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, please visit this website.


Why are anglers penalized when a fish touches the carpet of the boat or the angler’s body?

Major League Fishing takes fish care very seriously. In an effort to encourage anglers to handle fish responsibly, MLF penalizes anglers for actions that might cause unnecessary harm to the fish. Landing a fish improperly is a 2-minute penalty, per the MLF official rules:

“While landing fish, the fish cannot touch the carpet or any other part of the boat inside the gunnel at any time during the process. If the fish comes unhooked from the bait and falls to the carpet or hits any other part of the inside of the boat it will be assessed as a violation. Excepted from this rule will be laying the fish on the carpet to remove a deep set hook, only after it has been properly landed without it touching the carpet. The angler should first ask the Boat Official if Angler can lay the fish on the carpet. If a fish comes off of the scale clip while weighing the fish it will not be assessed as a penalty.

“Additionally, Angler is not allowed to cradle fish or allow fish that he is landing to touch his body. An Angler cannot allow a fish to touch any part of his body other than his hands or forearms. A short and inadvertent touch will not be penalized. If the Angler brings the fish to the body deliberately to secure control of the fish, then it will be a penalty. From a rules standpoint, the body is to be treated the same as the carpet.”

Because of this and the rest of the Major League Fishing rules, we have elevated the level at which professional angler must compete. Until Major League Fishing, no other bass fishing tournament or organization had been more strict on professional anglers regarding fish care.


Why can’t anglers do anything during a penalty?

Violations of the MLF rules result in penalties, not breaks for the anglers. That’s why anglers cannot get a drink of water, have a snack, retie baits, or do anything other than sit on the boat and talk to the video camera during penalties.


How can I buy a boat used in a Major League Fishing Cup event?

Sale of the MLF boats is pre-arranged, and they go into the Nitro Dealership network and are sold to the public by various dealers across the country. Major League Fishing uses a variety of boats depending on the event.


Where can I buy MLF gear?

You can purchase MLF clothes, accessories, and food at ShopMLF.com


How can I suggest a lake for an MLF Bass Pro Tour or MLF Cup event?

We get many suggested lakes sent to us, and we welcome all suggestions. We ask that you please contact your local community officials and Bass Club and discuss the possibility of Major League Fishing coming to your city before contacting us. If there is an interest from community officials, please have them contact us directly.


How can I use the Major League Fishing format for my tournament?

You can go through the SCORETRACKER Live website. 


How can I get a Major League Fishing item donated for my charity cause of event?

Major League Fishing is happy to help where and when we can, but as you might suspect, we get hundreds of requests from organizations and we are not able to fulfill every request. You can submit a request to MLF via our Contact Us page.


How will fans be able to participate in MLF Bass Pro Tour events?

At every MLF Bass Pro Tour event, there will be an activation site set up in the host community, away from the competition lake. The activation site will house the MLF Bass Pro Tour set, which is where commentators and analysts will be broadcasting and connecting with fans via the MLF NOW! live stream on MajorLeagueFishing.com during and after the competition. You are encouraged to come watch the show in person, and you will have opportunities to meet your favorite anglers.


Will there still be new episodes of MLF on television?

Yes, right now you can watch MLF on Saturdays from 2-4 pm ET on Outdoor Channel. This summer, the 2019 General Tire World Championship will air on CBS. Then, in the fall, the Bass Pro Tour Stages will be edited for television and they will air on Discovery.


I don’t have Outdoor Channel. Can I still watch new episodes of Major League Fishing?

Yes, you can watch new episodes of MLF on MyOutdoorTV, Outdoor Channel’s streaming service that offers a 7-day free trial and only costs $9.99/month. New episodes of MLF are added to the MOTV library roughly two days after they air on Outdoor Channel.


How soon after a new episode airs on Outdoor Channel will it be available on MyOutdoorTV?

New episodes of MLF are added to the MOTV library roughly two days after they air on Outdoor Channel. New episodes of MLF premiere on Outdoor Channel on Saturdays at 2 PM ET, and that episode is added to MOTV by Monday afternoon.


Do you have a fantasy fishing league?

Yes, details can be found at majorleaguefishing.com/fantasy-fishing.


What’s the difference between an MLF Bass Pro Tour Stage and an MLF Cup event?

All 80 MLF Anglers compete in the Bass Pro Tour Stages, and those events are on the MLF NOW! live stream on MajorLeagueFishing.com. During Bass Pro Tour events, anglers earn points based on their performance and the top anglers qualify for MLF Cup events. There are four Cup events each season, in addition to the General Tire World Championship. Those events are shot “in the dark,” meaning the results are kept a secret until the shows air on television.


Will there be a feeder system that gives other anglers a chance to qualify for the MLF Bass Pro Tour?

Yes. However, when the 80 MLF pros committed to the Bass Pro Tour, they signed a contract that guaranteed them a spot in the Bass Pro tour for three years. Once that three years is over, anglers with the least amount of points will fall out of the Bass Pro Tour and new anglers will have the chance to qualify.


Will I have to pay to watch the MLF NOW! live stream on MajorLeagueFishing.com?

No. The MLF NOW! Live Stream will be free to watch on MajorLeagueFishing.com as well as the free MLF app.


Will the Major League Fishing Anglers be allowed to prefish?

During MLF Bass Pro Tour events, the anglers will be allowed two days of practice before the event begins. During MLF Cup events and the General Tire World Championship, there will be no practice days.

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