Roumbanis doesn’t chill on topwater, even in the dead of winter - Major League Fishing
Roumbanis doesn’t chill on topwater, even in the dead of winter
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Roumbanis doesn’t chill on topwater, even in the dead of winter

January 5, 2023 • Bass Pro Tour

A common old-school belief among bass anglers was that topwater baits should be packed away with the Christmas ornaments, but more than a few anglers consider a walking bait or a buzzer to be effective tools 12 months a year. Basically, if there’s open water, there’s a topwater bite to be found somewhere.

Count Fred Roumbanis in that group. There’s hardly a day that goes by – including in the dead of winter – when the Mercury pro doesn’t have an ima Little Stick or a buzzbait close at hand. In this Major League Lesson, Roumbanis runs through some of his favorite cold-water topwater baits and why he occasionally reaches for them throughout the winter.

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