Daiwa pro Cody Meyer is a firm believer that there’s a right tool for every job, and that’s certainly the case for rods. While he’s well known for his skill with a spinning rod, Meyer will be the first to point out that a spinning rod would be a poor choice for throwing a crankbait or flipping a jig (and vice versa).

“People who maybe aren’t familiar with fishing full time think they can pick up any rod, throw it out there and catch some fish … and you can, but you really want to have the right rod and the right action,” Meyer says. “When you pick up a rod, you want to be sure it’s for the right thing. Assess what you’re throwing, get the right action, the right bend. It’ll help you catch and land a lot more fish.”

In this Major League Lesson, Meyer demonstrates the difference between three popular rod actions: an extra-fast Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS casting rod for pitching jigs, a more parabolic Daiwa Tatula Elite Glass crankbait/jerkbait rod and a Tatula Elite spinning rod.