We asked some of the MLF pros to single out one knot that they believe all anglers, regardless of skill level, need to learn. 

Most of the pros who participated in our “informal survey” say the Palomar knot is the one all anglers should know. If you’re interested in mastering it, you can watch this Major League Lesson from Scott Suggs, where he demonstrates how he ties the Palomar.

MLF pro Cody Meyer says the FG knot is a must-know for tying braid to a fluorocarbon leader, but it can be a tough one to master. If you’d like some pointers, here’s a lesson from FLW pro James Niggemeyer

The Alberto knot is often compared to the FG knot, since they’re both popular for tying braid to fluorocarbon. Both Justin Lucas and Josh Bertrand say the Alberto knot is their go-to for connecting the two lines, due to its strength and the fact that it’s easy to tie. Years ago, Fletcher Shryock demonstrated how he ties the Alberto knot in this Major League Lesson.