As Jared Lintner prepared to watch the second Elimination Round of the 2020 Wiley X Summit Cup Presented by B&W Trailer Hitches with fellow MLF competitors Randy Howell and Fred Roumbanis, he hit on the beauty of the MLF Cup “mystery lake” format: “I’d never even been to Lake of the Ozarks – I HAVE watched the show ‘Ozark,’ though,” Lintner joked.

Judging by his 29-pound massacre of the rest of the field in the round, you’d think that Lintner grew up on Lake of the Ozarks, not in central California.

In this latest episode of Overflow, Lintner, Howell and Roumbanis examine what happened that fall day in Missouri when Lintner landed on a honey hole and left there with 58 pounds and a huge margin of victory.

Settle in for an Overflow watch party, it’s a good one!