What’s your go-to jig trailer? In this Ask the Anglers Presented by Champion Power Equipment, we asked some MLF pros to share which jig trailer they never leave home without.

Dustin Connell says he’s a fan of Googan Baits’ Bandito Bug and says he always has some of the Black Blue Flake color in his boat.

Terry Scroggins, who is known for creating his own baits, says his go-to is a Big Show Money Bug because it has a realistic profile and they come in a variety of colors to match any jig you want to pair it with.

Stephen Browning says he loves the Turbo CrawZ that Z-Man makes because of the action that the 4-inch bait has in the water.

Two MLF veterans, Todd Faircloth and Kevin VanDam, both named a Strike King bait as their go-to jig trailer. However, Faircloth says his favorite is the Menace Grub while VanDam favors the Rage Craw.

Casey Ashley chose a smaller soft plastic, the Zoom Super Chunk Jr., as his favorite trailer. He says it’ll help you land both numbers and big fish.

Cliff Crochet says he can’t have just one favorite jig trailer, he loves both the Paca Chunk and Dagger, two trailers by NetBait that have two different actions in the water.

Finally, Matt Lee says his favorite jig trailer is the Stroker Craw, made by 6th Sense. He says the twin-tail bait is very versatile as a jig trailer.