Final Score: Sean 32, Muskies 17! - Major League Fishing
Final Score: Sean 32, Muskies 17!
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Final Score: Sean 32, Muskies 17!

November 11, 2008 • Sean Ostruszka • Angler Columns

No, that’s not a misprint in the title. I regrouped at halftime and me and couple guys from the office ended up sticking it to the muskies on Kinkaid. For those of you who might be a little lost as to what the heck I’m talking about here’s the first blog. And now that we’re all caught up, it’s on to the recap!

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to report that Keith Jackson had a scheduling conflict – something about being retired and having a tee time. But don’t worry. I have a backup plan: the guys from Sports Center. Da na na! Da na na!

Stuart: Hey there. Welcome to SportsCenter. I’m Stuart Scott. And joining me is Scott Van Pelt and his ridiculously shiny head. How many coats of wax do you have on that thing?

Scott: Only three today. I didn’t figure I needed to get too dressed up for a blog recap.

Stuart: Just amazing (as he waves at Scott’s head and watches the reflection)! Anyways, like Sean said, we’re going to be recapping his ridiculous comeback on Lake Kinkaid this weekend where he put a serious beat down on those fish.

Scott: Having lost a fish and a rod in the first half, Sean needed to make some changes if he was going to pull out a victory. So he swapped out his dad for two new partners: Terry and Alan from the offices of FLW. And he ditched the johnboat for a Ranger Z520. Stu, that’s quite an upgrade.

Stuart: You’re telling me! That boat is off the HIS-OWSE!

Scott: … Sometimes, I have no idea what you’re saying.

Stuart: Sorry. I’ll make it up to you by showing some highlights. The second half started again around 9:30 a.m., but let’s fast forward to 11. It is gorgeously sunny out and the boys are working a small cut that Alan had caught a musky from a month or so earlier. Terry is working a white 1-ounce Lil’ Hustler Super Swim Jig tipped with an albino shad Lunker City Salt Shaker in and around the weeds, while Alan and Sean toss a white and nickel Llungen DC-9 and custom-painted ERC Double D along the weed edges.

They’re just about out of the little bay when Sean makes one last cast, gives his lure two jerks and BOO-YAH! Sean’s lure got smacked, but no hook up so the score goes Muskies 17, Sean 12 (The musky didn’t get off so there’s no touchdown. I consider it a wash with both getting 3 points. Again, I am the commissioner of this league so there’s no use arguing my scoring system).

Scott: Well trading field goals wasn’t going to get Sean back in the lead. Touchdowns would. So let’s see where this second half turned. They’re fishing the next cut when, what’s this? Clouds are taking over the sky. Sean doesn’t like how their light-colored lures are looking with those clouds so he tells Terry to switch to a black and nickel Shumway Spinnerbait while he puts on a darker-colored Musky Innovations Shallow Invader to match the darker conditions. And it didn’t take long for the move to pay off. Sean put a cast right on the edge of a little nook in the weeds. Twitch. Pause. Twitch. WOOMF! 41-inches of angry fish just obliterated the bait, and after a short, aerial fight Sean finally jumps back into the lead 19-17.

Stuart: Now that’s how you make a statement! But this crew wasn’t done. After hitting a few more weedbeds, they make a move to a main-lake area Sean and his dad had hit in the first half hoping to find greener weeds. Why greener weeds Scott?

Scott: Well the lake hadn’t turned over yet so most the weeds were green. But all their action had come from weeds that were a brighter, lime green, meaning they had more oxygen.

Stuart: Well they found some in this little bay. Sean’s on the trolling motor and tells Terry to put a cast with his spinnerbait right off the tip of a major weed point. And Terry is as cool as the other side of the pillow! A 32-incher pounced on the bait and the blowout begins. Sean extends his lead to 26-17. Just call them butter because the guys are on a roll!

Scott: It was all over after that. A follow for both Terry and Alan only extended the lead and Sean sticks it to the Muskies 32-17.

Stuart: That was just a ridiculous comeback. Have I used the word ‘ridiculous’ enough?

Scott: I don’t think so.

Stuart: Good. Because that was ridiculous!

Alright, that’s enough Stuart. Thanks. I’ll take it from here. Scott, I’ll catch up with you when I’m done to talk about my ideas for new “This is Sports Center” commercials.

Well, I’m not planning on this being my last trip to Kinkaid this year. But if it is we ended the season right. With how tough muskie fishing can be, trips like this one are special. Anytime you can put one in the boat is a good day. And two is a great day, regardless of the size.

But I really need to get out there at least one more time. That lake still owes me a giant to make up for my broken rod!

Slam the hooks!