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Look out: Ike is in for Pittsburgh
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Look out: Ike is in for Pittsburgh

November 18, 2008 • Brett Carlson • Angler Columns

In case you missed it last week, pro Michael Iaconelli qualified for the Forrest Wood Cup by being the highest Stren Series Championship finisher from the Northern Division. He finished eighth overall, but more importantly he accomplished his goal – a return trip to Pittsburgh.

At the 2005 Bassmaster Classic on the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers, Ike took fifth and twice had the winning smallmouth stuck. Fantasy Fishing players won’t see the name Iaconelli during the FLW Tour regular season, but don’t forget about him completely. Ike loves rivers and urban fisheries and is without question one of the pretournament Cup favorites.

“The way the rivers set up and how the fish relate, it’s exactly like the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers outside of Philadelphia where I grew up,” said Iaconelli. “I love that place, it’s industrial, it’s tough fishing – those are my roots.”

Along with his angling talents, there is one other thing Ike brings with him wherever he goes – crowds. Pittsburgh was already expected to be a well-attended championship, but with Ike in the mix the spectacle just reached a whole new level.

“When we get to Pittsburgh for the Cup, I promise you we’re going to have crowds like you’ve never seen before,” he added.