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A Wacky Enhancement

May 3, 2010 • Curt Niedermier • Angler Columns

While doing some research on ways to rig the Yamamoto Senko and similar soft plastics, I recently came across a product that I think has some major potential as a wacky-fishing system. It combines the ability to add weight to a wacky rig with the worm-saving abilities of an O-ring and the snag-resistance of a weedguard. It’s the Lake Fork Trophy Lures Wacky Hook and Weight System.
The system is composed of a hook and a weighted ring. The hook is like a standard wacky hook, but it has the added benefit of a wire weedguard. It’s also very stout, which I like, but it has a long, slender hook point that should drive in nicely with light line and spinning tackle. The ring comes in three weights and two diameters, for fitting a variety of worms and changing the fall rate.
What makes the system effective, however, is a pair of slots cut through the ring. The slots are there so you can rig the hook perpendicular to the worm while still getting the advantage of a ring that keeps the worm attached to the hook when fighting a fish. With standard rubber O-rings, you have to rig the hook parallel to the worm (perpendicular through the O-ring), rather than upright where it can quickly find flesh.
When rigged with the LFT Lures system, the worm always stays rigged properly, and you can use both a falling presentation and a flicking presentation. Compared to other systems out there, this is definitely one of the easiest and most convenient available.
My only concern is that the ring is stiff and takes up some space in the hook gap, which could potentially block a few hooksets. I’ll determine that in testing the next few weeks.
LFT Lures designed the system to go with their Hyper Whack’n Worm (at left in the photo), but as seen in this photograph, it also works nicely with a Senko. Check the system out at lftlures.com.