Forrest Wood Cup: Day 3 - Major League Fishing
Forrest Wood Cup: Day 3
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Forrest Wood Cup: Day 3

August 7, 2010 • Sean Ostruszka • Angler Columns

I have to run to the FLW Outdoors Expo, so I have to keep this short. But I wanted to highlight some possible happenings.

The pros have yet to weigh in yet, but if the word on the water is true, day four could have a dream lineup of pros.

Bryan Thrift continued to be hot, as did Chevy pro Larry Nixon, and we watched National Guard pro Brent Ehrler land a good spotted bass in the first 10 minutes of the morning. Considering the fished only seems to be getting tougher with the heat continuing to get turned up, we could be looking at two of the best anglers in the world possibly going head-to-head, with a legend like Nixon right on their heels.

All I know is I need to get over to weigh-in, because it’s sure to be exciting.

Slam the hooks!