Offseason reflection - Major League Fishing
Offseason reflection
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Offseason reflection

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Randall Tharp spent the week pitching and spinnerbaiting laydowns and docks. Photo by Rob Newell. Angler: Randall Tharp.
February 1, 2013 • Randall Tharp • Angler Columns

It’s hard to believe that the 2013 season is officially here already. We ended the 2012 season at Sam Rayburn in October and this offseason has flown by.

My first priority during the offseason was to make sure the arm troubles that I experienced last year would not be an issue for me again in the future. I can’t thank my doctors and physical therapists enough for their hard work in helping me. I feel 100% heading into our first event at the Big `O’.

Once again, Sara and I spent most of the winter in Florida enjoying the warm weather and spending time with our friends. I filmed a show with Mark Zona on Okeechobee and got to fish a few times with J.T. Kenney. Brandon (Big Mac) and I also fished a couple of tournaments together and had a blast. One of my favorite fishing trips this winter was over Christmas where I showed my Dad and my good friend Rob Newell how to catch a redfish. I worked closely with Team Halo on new videos and product design for this year. I wouldn’t change a thing about this offseason if I could. It was awesome!

Now I am looking ahead to the upcoming season and seeing the rest of our fishing family. FLW has an awesome schedule for us this year and I am excited about each event. I’m sure we will have some new faces as well as some old friends on tour this year. The EverStart boat is clean, gassed up, and ready for Okeechobee.

Good luck to everyone this year. See you on the water!