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Surman blog: Charity tournament to support local Boys & Girls Clubs
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Surman blog: Charity tournament to support local Boys & Girls Clubs

Image for Surman blog: Charity tournament to support local Boys & Girls Clubs
Mike Surman, Cole Sands and Corbett Sands hold up their Lake Okeechobee catch. Anglers: Mike Surman, Cole Sands.
January 12, 2014 • Mike Surman • Angler Columns

It’s been a long winter break without any tournaments and I’m excited for the new FLW season to start on Lake Okeechobee. During the break I was contacted by ex-Miami Dolphin captain, Channing Crowder, to host a benefit fishing tournament with him. His idea was to get a bunch of former and current NFL players to join forces with a bunch of FLW bass fishing pros to form an event to raise money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County.

I immediately thought it was a great idea and knowing the kind hearts of my friends on the circuit, I knew they would be willing to donate their time and talent to this great event. Channing has guys like Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Ronnie Brown, Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby, Clinton Portis, and more lending their star power to the event. I reached out to FLW stars David Dudley, Randall Tharp, Clark Wendlandt, Dave Lefebre, Chad Grigsby, Jim Tutt, and many more and as I suspected all of them graciously volunteered to participate. In addition to all the FLW pros I asked FLW the organization if they would lend their expertise in running tournaments and they immediately said they would love to help.

So on Jan. 31, 2014, two days before the official practice of the Okeechobee FLW Tour event, we will be holding the 1st Annual Channing Crowder Bass Fishing Tournament. This will be an open team tournament and everyone is invited to participate. The entry fee is $100 per person with a maximum of three people per boat. The neat thing about this tournament is that anyone putting up $2,500 can fish with an FLW pro and an NFL player. The tournament will be held out of the Everglades Holiday Park and will include a $10,000 first prize and $20,000 total purse.

Following the weigh-in there will be a party at “Alligator” Ron Bergeron’s Green Glades West Ranch featuring awards, great food, drinks, live music and live and silent auction items. One hundred percent of the proceeds of the event will benefit The Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County.

Anyone heading to South Florida, even if you are not fishing the FLW Tour event, should plan on coming down to be a part of this event that supports a great cause. Come hang out with FLW pros and NFL stars!

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