The Rapala BX Brat is one of Dave Lefebre's go-to baits during early prespawn. Photo by Garrick Dixon

The water temperatures are still in the upper 40s here in Pennsylvania, so we’re still in the early stages of prespawn. Call it PRE-prespawn. But one of the baits I’m using a lot in these conditions – as fish start to migrate back toward spawning coves – is a shallow crankbait.

The Rapala BX Brat has become my go-to shallow crankbait since I first started throwing it as a prototype. It’s a hard-vibrating balsa bait, so it’s really good for cranking through the kind of scattered grass I’m fishing right now in early prespawn.

Take a look at one of my recent videos, where I explain the gear and all the little details of catching early prespawn bass with this awesome bait.

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